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Dad revolution legislation for baby-changing tables in restrooms

Dad revolution legislation for baby-changing tables in restrooms
Dad revolution legislation for baby-changing tables in restrooms
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Fathers of babies admit it is clearly one of the messiest dilemmas. Dads across the country just want to stop the madness. “It’s frustrating trying to change a diaper when you are a dad and there are no changing tables in the men’s restrooms. Let’s just stop frequenting the places that do not have them,” says one dad on Facebook.

Women are not the only ones changing diapers

A Today Show Survey of 1,000 fathers reveals 54-percent of American dads, these days change their children’s diapers, while only 37-percent of their own fathers did.

Newer businesses are more likely to install a baby-changing table in men’s restrooms than old businesses are likely to add to their facility. Greg Allen who writes, “Daddy Types,” blogs about the restaurants and businesses in New York City. “The amenity isn’t just for women’s restrooms any more. Dads are as likely as anyone to expect a baby-changing table in the restroom. Allen began writing the list after his first child was born ten years ago, and writes it has definitely gotten easier over the years.

Two bills in California would mandate public restroom changing tables and have been passed in the Senate, and are awaiting to be heard in Assembly.

Baby-changing table problem

The problem isn’t all “public-serving” establishments need to have one. The issue centers around businesses that have a baby-changing table in the women’s restroom but clearly ignores the need for one in the men’s restroom. When it’s cold or raining outside the issue looms larger, how to change a baby’s diaper without placing the child on a grimy floor.

A Changing Table Locator, is available for use by both men and women, for moms and dads in need of a baby-changing table, nursing room and the list also includes which establishments have “family friendly restrooms” (for men, women and family use). You can submit locations to the map. The website needs support to launch a new Smart Phone App.

Legislation is popping up all over, with California to start. Moms already know this frustration of trying to find a decent restroom equipped with a good changing table. More and more dads are getting involved and doing the duty for themselves. Currently there are no federal or state laws but more states are pushing for baby-changing tables in the restrooms.

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