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Justin Harris charged: New evidence in hot car baby death

New details have emerged in the case of the Marietta boy who died in his dad's hot car while his dad worked. It's looking more and more like the child's death was planned and because of that Justin Harris is being held without bail. According to USA Today on Thursday, the case against Harris is building and the hot car death of his son is looking less and less like an accident.

Justin Ross Harris is accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month old son in a hot car while he went to work.
Cobb County Police

After reviewing the evidence against Justin Harris in the death of his son Cooper just two weeks ago. The toddler was left strapped into his child safety seat inside the family car while his father Justin Harris went to work. It was 88 degrees outside that day in Marietta and unfortunately the little boy died inside the car.

Prosecutors are arguing that Harris left his son in the car intentionally and evidence is piling up against him. One of the most damaging pieces of information is that Harris went to his car on his lunch break to drop an item off. At that time he did not acknowledge that his son was still in the car and returned to work. It wasn't until his shift was over and Cooper was inside the hot car for several hours that his father finally found him and sought help.

According to those on the scene, Harris was belligerent when police arrived. He was on his cell phone speaking when an officer tried to approach him and Harris cursed at the officer just before being put in handcuffs. When speaking about the incident, aside from being upset about his son, Harris was concerned about getting a felony and losing his job.

Now there are new reports that while Justin Harris was at work on the day his son died, he was sexting numerous women. There were photographs exchanged of Harris' genitals and various women send nude pictures of themselves to him as well.

There is also evidence that his marriage was very strained due to finances based on text messages between Justin Harris and his wife Leanna. They also coincidentally own two separate life insurance policies for their son Cooper. One of the policies was only for $2,000 while the other is worth $25,000.

Police have searched Harris' computer and found even more horrifying search engine results. Originally it was released that Harris was searching for information on animals dying in a hot car before his son died. Harris maintained that he feared something like that would happen. Now investigators have found additional searches for "child-free life" and "how to survive prison." These searches are said to have happened before the day Harris left his 22-month old son in his hot car all day.

Cobb County police are charging that Harris left his son in that car intentionally. He has been charged in the death of his son and as well has been charged with child cruelty. Justin Harris is being held without bail and is considered a flight risk.

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