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Dad in car death sexting: Justin Ross Harris sexting while son died

In shocking news, it has now come out that Justin Ross Harris was sexting multiple women while his son was in the car left alone to die in the heat. Ever since the news came out about the death of his son more information has been revealed to make it look like he did it on purpose. Now on Thursday, ABC is confirming that while the kid was in the car his dad was sexting with various people including an underage girl. She was only 17-years-old.

wikimedia commons

The prosecutor in this case is saying that Justin Ross Harris wanted to live a life of a free man. He didn't want to be tied down by children and this new sexting evidence shows that even more. He was using the app Kik and not just the regular texting on his phone to talk to these women.

Cooper Harris died in the back of the car on a hot day. His dad took him to breakfast but said that he forgot to drop him off at daycare before heading to work. It was later discovered that Justin Ross Harris had been looking online about information on dying and watched a video twice that shows an animal dying in a hot car.

Fox 2 Now shared that this was kind of a second life for Justin Ross Harris. He would sext to these women and enjoy it. He was actually talking to six different women. This was not just words though and nude pictures were also involved. Every bit of this was going on while he young son was in the car dying a terrible death.

Since one person he was sexting is underage it is possible that Justin Ross Harris could be charged with felony sexual exploitation of a minor and misdemeanor illegal contact with a minor as well as the murder charges he is already facing. Lucky for him he also researched online how to survive in jail before he was arrested.

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