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Dad Arrested – Two Year-Old Daughter Drives Car And Causes Accident

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Normally when a two-year-old gets behind the wheel of a vehicle it is going to be a Hot Wheels or some other toddler sized truck or car. But according to CBS news, this two-year-old girl had bigger plans in mind when her father left the car running which allowed her to let it go for a spin.

The road spin resulted in 33-year-old Oscar Chicas’ daughter smashing into two cars and causing minor damage. Fortunately for the pint-sized driver there were only minor damage and she was unharmed. The Connecticut man was arrested for leaving his daughter in the car while it was idling and was charged with risk of injury to a minor, reported CBS News.

It seems that the negligent father had other things on his mind besides whether or not his daughter could manage shifting the car into go for a short road trip. He and his brother were apparently working on a vehicle which had been disabled nearby.

Chicas’ daughter was placed wither her uncle by Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families while her father is being held on a $15,000 bond. This may prove to be a valuable lesson for Oscar Chicas who has learned that even toddlers can go out for a spin if you leave them with keys.

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