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Dad angry ALS Ice Bucket Challenge dumped on baby

Grandfather's poor judgment involved baby in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Grandfather's poor judgment involved baby in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
USA Today video screenshot

A father is angry after seeing the video of his 10-month-old baby girl being drenched with ice cold water for the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” The baby’s father, Claude Dalcour told USA Today (Aug. 29) his soon to be ex-father in law posted a video on Facebook which showed his father-in-law pouring ice cold water on himself with his granddaughter directly below him sitting in a baby walker. The ice cold water splashed in the baby’s face as she was looking up to him.

Dalcour is in the process of divorcing the baby’s mother, admitting the divorce proceedings are “nasty.” After he saw the Ice Bucket Challenge video of his daughter being drenched and reported the incident to the police, his divorce situation became ‘nastier.’ It comes as no surprise that Dalcour reported the Facebook video incident to the police.

Dalcour said he was shocked when he first saw the video on Facebook. “You don’t do that to an infant,” he said and he added the grandfather should have known better. Most participants are adults whom participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge and most parents or caregivers of children use ‘common sense’ when around children.

While the baby was allegedly not harmed from the ice cold water, it is not recommended to involved children in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The video clearly shows the baby was looking up when the cold water was poured over her. She could have asphyxiated the water through her nose or mouth, thus becoming a dangerous situation, including secondary drowning. The grandfather lacked common sense but has not been charged with a crime at the present time.