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Dachshunds in the snow (Funny photos and video)

Dachshunds and cold weather are a problem. It's obvious, their nether-parts tend to hang a bit low, and well, it's cold out.

Internet and YouTube photos of Dachshunds in the snow.
Internet and YouTube photos of Dachshunds in the snow.
Dachshunds in the snow

But Dachshunds in the snow is just a comical thing. The first time I took our Pepe and Rudi to the snow they jumped out of the car and into the snow in the mountains and disappeared right into the snowbank. Pepe hated it, Rudi loved it.

They ran around and yipped, and barked at the white stuff that covered them momentarily.

Here are some classic Dachshunds and snow video links below. Click on them and laugh!

* Iso in slow motion in the snow:

* Mini Dachshunds in the snow:

* Dachshund in the Snow - YouTube:

* Papillon and Dachshund Playing in the Snow

* Molly Moo the Miniature Dachshund's Snow Day Adventure

* Luigi lost in the snow:

* Dachshunds in the snow (check out this link)

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