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"Da Vinci the Genius" Exhibition on Display at the Venetian Las Vegas

Imagine Exhibitions inside the Venetian Las Vegas is presenting 'Da Vinci The Genius', the most comprehensive exploration of Leonardo Da Vinci's work ever created. The fascinating and educational exhibition went on display June 15th for a limited engagement. This interactive experience features reproductions of Da Vinci's inventions from his drawings and a rare glimpse of actual notebooks by the "genius", who was way ahead of his time. Da Vinci, the artist, engineer, musician and architect laid the groundwork for the inventions of the bicycle, airplane, helicopter, automobile, submarine and parachute. Visitors are encouraged to push, pull and crank the replicas to see how they work as well as the opportunity to explore the history, theory and design through interactive touch screens. Highlights of the exhibit include "Virgin of the Rocks", "The Annunciation", "Bella Principessa", The "Virtuvian Man", "The last Supper" and the "Sforza Horse".

"Da Vinci the Genius" Exhibition on Display at the Venetian Las VegasModel of robot warrior.
Stephen Thorburn
The secrets of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is examined in detail in "Da Vinci the Genius" at the Venetian
Stephen Thorburn

French scientific engineer and examiner of fine art, Pascal Cotte, was flown in from Paris, France to help kick off the exhibition. During a special reception for the media on Thursday night, June 19, he offered his personal insights about the artist and Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa', the centerpiece of the exhibit 'The Secrets of the Mona Lisa'. Cotte was granted unusual access to the Mona Lisa and was able to make detailed high resolution photographs of the famous painting out of its frame. An inventor in his own right, Cotte created a special camera to take extremely high resolution photos of the artists work showing details even within the fine cracks of the paint. On display was one such photographic image printed on a poplar panel similar to the actual wood panel of the original painting. Cotte explained Da Vinci's obsession with trying to create a three dimensional painting by using special tinted glazes and layering them with as many as 25 layers to create subtle depth in the shadows of the face. The Secrets of the Mona Lisa is the most comprehensive study of the work to date.

Da Vinci The Genius is "A perfect complement to the Venetian's summer long Carnavale festival and the emerging arts community in Las Vegas', said John Caparella, President of The Venetian.

Whether you are an art connoisseur, student or just want to learn more about this brilliant historical figure you will enjoy "Da Vinci the Genius".

Tickets are available for purchase at the Venetian box office. The exhibit is open daily from 10 am to 9 p.m.


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