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'Da Vinci's Demons' 2x06 'The Rope of the Dead': Fighting for survival

Alfonso: "I want to know how you won her. Every detail."   Lorenzo: "It was simple. With my tongue."
Alfonso: "I want to know how you won her. Every detail." Lorenzo: "It was simple. With my tongue."
Photo Courtesy Of Ed Miller/STARZ, used with permission.

Ima: “As you walk among the dead, you will find many temptations, but I will guide you on your journey.”

Leonardo: "I give this to you with whom I shall share my life."
Photo Courtesy Of Ed Miller/STARZ, used with permission.

“The Rope of the Dead” is the April 26 episode of “Da Vinci’s Demons.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Da Vinci’s Demons” airs Saturday nights at 8 p.m. central on STARZ.

Of course, entering the Vault of Heaven is no easy task. For some reason, it requires Ima and Leo to be married. Yeah, okay that’s one way to get over Lucrezia. The whole shindig is strange. There is not really an explanation given as to why this needs to happen, and everyone sort of jumps on board with it. Then, to make matters worse, Leo has poisoned sex with Ima. He’s been poisoned and just drank the Rope of the Dead, and he is not all in his right mind. It’s uncomfortable to watch. Did this bother you as well?

Leo spends time chilling in the world between life and death. He runs into Giuliano (yay) and his very own Mona Lisa. It is unclear what the purpose of all of this is. Ima says maybe Leo will learn some secrets, but he doesn’t really learn anything other than he can finish a painting and he might die in France. The only interesting part is when he runs into his dying, older self. Old!Leo warns against letting the Book of Leaves fall into the wrong hands, and if Leo fails, he will end up shackled in bed. All of this answers nothing. It only poses more questions.

Lorenzo is in terrible shape. His storyline has allowed viewers to see what he is like at his breaking point, which is someplace that we haven’t seen him before. He begins hallucinating Giuliano. I don’t know about you, but I did a happy dance when he appeared. Lorenzo’s hallucinations are fabulous for many reason. We get insight into Lorenzo and Giuliano’s relationship, and we also learn more of how Lorenzo feels about a variety of people that he dislikes. Lorenzo’s storyline was my favorite part of the episode. Did you enjoy seeing Giuliano again?

This is one of the few episodes where I find myself rooting for Riario. There might have been cheering and yelling at the TV, much like if this was a football game. I got into it, okay? The writers did a great job making Zita’s death heartbreaking. Riario is not typically a character that people wish to succeed, but it is impossible not to be sad that Riario got put in this situation where he had to kill the woman he loves for a man he hates. What did you think of Riario during this episode?

Lucrezia goes on a journey with her friend to Constantinople, and the Turk stops by. Honestly, this isn’t all that exciting. Lucrezia is wary of the Turk, and doesn’t really believe his mumbo jumbo. Her sister warns her that the deaths that will happen are necessary ones, which doesn’t sound well. What is curious is that the Turk mentions that Lucrezia is going to have to win over a man who will worship the Labyrinth. This sounds like the guy that Leo has had visions of. What do you think?

What did you think of the episode? Any messages or advice for the happy couple, Ima and Leo? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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