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'Da Vinci's Demons' 2x04 'The Ends of the Earth': The switching of the Pope

Lucrezia: "I don’t have the strength to follow you father."
Lucrezia: "I don’t have the strength to follow you father."
Ed Miller/STARZ

Zoroaster: “At this point, everyone onboard the ship is convinced you’re an undead nightwalker.”

Vespucci: "You cannot coddle mutiny."
David Appleby/STARZ

Leonardo: “No thanks to you.”

Zoroaster: “Well we had to say something.”

“The Ends of the Earth” is the latest episode of “Da Vinci’s Demons.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Da Vinci’s Demons” airs Saturday nights at 8 on STARZ.

Lucrezia’s past has always been painted as a painful one, and in this episode, the writers provide the flashbacks to prove it. It is smart to have these flashbacks begin right as she reunites with her father. It is great to finally know what happened, but obviously, Lucrezia’s pain only began there. Hopefully the writers will show more flashbacks of Lucrezia’s life after her uncle played switch. She did some terrible things last season, but was she used for anything else before being tasked to Lorenzo?

The flashbacks also show how much of a threat Pope Sixtus really is. He tried to drown Lucrezia’s dad as a kid. It’s messed up. The writers are smart to state that Lucrezia’s father hid the fact that he had a younger brother because otherwise it is hard to see how no one notices that the newly crown Pope’s brother suddenly disappearing. Also shown in the flashbacks is a kind and friendly Riario, well he still helped his father do all of this, but he did try to spare both Lucrezia and her sister Emilia (Amelia?). Riario and Lucrezia have a very interesting relationship.

The most exciting parts of Leo’s storyline are the discoveries Leo makes about the stars and how everything revolves around the sun. He gets all excited, and it’s adorable. Also, there is an amazing moment between Zoroaster and Leo that shows that they need each other. Zoroaster not only keeps Leo firmly grounded in reality, but he also occasionally helps Leo make a discovery. It seems like there have been a lot more moments of tension between them, and it allows the writers to show what their friendship is truly made of.

Riario is still trying to woo Nico into being buddies. It’s not going well. One of the great parts about this storyline is it showcases Nico. In the last season, he did not stand out that much, so it is fantastic to have him become more of a developed character. The writers reveal more of his past before he followed Leo. Nico has so much sass it is fantastic. Is anyone else falling in love with him?

Lorenzo and Piero continue on their covert trek to Naples. It’s actually pretty boring. The only great part of their storyline is when Lorenzo tries to talk up Leo to Piero. This seems like a brotherly thing to do, make dad appreciate his son more. Not only that, but it tells a lot about Piero like how he was a jerk who threw away Leo’s first ever painting that was given to him. It deserved a spot on the fridge, if you ask me, or wherever parents back then displayed a child’s achievements.

Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Did anyone else love Leo trying to explain how the Earth is round? It was adorable seeing him in teacher mode. We got a Lucrezia flashback, and now I’m rooting for a Zoroaster and Leo flashback that shows when they became such close friends.

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