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Da Brat not paying $6.4 million to cheerleader ordered by judge: Doesn't have it

Da Brat court ordered to pay $6.4 million which she doesn't have. Da Brat smashed bottle over former cheerleaders head and this was what she was ordered to pay in in civil case.
Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Rapper Da Brat was ordered by a judge to pay $6.4 million in damages to a former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens. It was back in 2007 when Da Brat and Stevens were at the same Halloween party when an argument broke out between the two, according to The Inquisitr on March. 1.

Da Brat is a female hip hop artist whose real name is Shawntae Harris. She was at a party at the Studio 72 club, which is owned by hip hop producer Jemaine Dupri. Stevens was a hostess at the club when Da Brat and Stevens had an argument. This escalated into De Brat smashing an almost full bottle of rum on Steven's head.

Da Brat lost a civil suit on Thursday for her attack on the former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader. The judge ordered the monetary payment of $6.4 million be paid by Da Brat to Stevens, a sum Da Brat says she doesn't have or intends to have. When asked if she intended to pay that amount, Da Brat answered, "Hell no!"

Stevens sustained serious injuries from the attack. The bottle smashed over her head and caused neurological damage and a permanent scar on her face. Her career as a cheerleader came abruptly to an end and some acting gigs she had lined up had to be canceled.

Video: Clip above goes into detail on Steven's injuries, which could be disturbing to some.

Da Brat did not get away with this attack, as she has already served three years in prison and is on probation for the duration of seven years after being found guilty in 2008 of criminal charges in this case.

Da Brat’s sentencing also included 200 hours of community service, substance abuse treatment, a mental evaluation and anger management classes. She was not given a slap on the wrist and sent on her way. Da Brat doesn't deny that Stevens deserves some money for what she endured due to this attack, but she and her lawyer believe that $6.4 million is excessive. Especially since Da Brat paid for her crimes by being incarcerated.

Da Brat's lawyer was confused by the way this all went down. It took only three days to present the case to the jury and award Stevens the hefty sum of money. The $6.4 million awarded Stevens breaks down to $3.7 million for compensatory damages and an additional $2.7 million in punitive damages. Attorney B.J. Bernstein felt like the money awarded Stevens was over the top saying, “I’m baffled. She owned up to what happened when it happened and was punished.”

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