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Da Brat claims no money for $6.4 million verdict: Who pays Shayla Stevens?

Shayla Stevens $6.4 million award:video:  Tells story
Shayla Stevens $6.4 million award:video: Tells story
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Da Brat definitely was shocked that the judge ruled that the damages she owed former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens was $6.4 million, but then again so was the rest of the world. While the fans area wondering if the judgment was fair, it was Da Brat who immediately claimed she didn’t have the cash to folk over. According to Rolling Out on Monday, the artist is quick to point out she doesn’t have that type of cash and she doesn’t think Stevens deserves it either.

What Da Brat thinks at this point is immaterial as the judge put down the ruling and there are only two choices. Either pay up or appeal. The process doesn’t offer a chance to discuss what one can afford versus what an individual is willing to pay.

Da Brat can’t be that surprised that she was found responsible for injuring the woman. The woman was involved in a nightclub fight in 2007, and allegedly she hit Stevens in the head with a bottle. The facial cuts and bruising was at issue in the lawsuit. Add that the cheerleader uses her face for her job and that idea of getting paid a huge sum, sounds more realistic than ever. Yet, Da Brat still thinks that $6.4 million is too big of a number for her actions.

Shayla Stevens hasn’t spoken out on the subject of being awarded the sum in court. It’s highly likely that she has people researching every possible pocket of cash that Da Brat has. With a large judgment and a woman who sounds like she isn’t willing to pay it all, the biggest question is who pays Shayla Stevens?

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