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DA: 15-year sentence for Long Island man who sold drugs at grocery store

A New York City police patrol vehicle is parked in New York. (File Photo)
A New York City police patrol vehicle is parked in New York. (File Photo)
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A Long Island man will spend the next 15 years in state prison after being convicted of selling cocaine out of his Queens grocery store and possessing illegal firearms at his Baldwin home, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Tuesday.

Jaime Corchado, 37, was sentenced Tuesday to spend 15 years in state prison on a slew of charges, which included felony weapons, drug and conspiracy counts. He was convicted of the charges in June in Queens Criminal Court. Prosecutors said he had been busted selling cocaine and marijuana from his store – Louis’s Deli & Grocery on 118th Street in Kew Gardens.

According to prosecutors, investigators caught Corchado during a “long-term narcotics investigation.” They say he met with a buyer in December 2010 to sell him “an eight ball,” a slang term for a specific quantity of cocaine. Later that evening, police watched as Corchado pulled up to a street corner in Queens and saw the buyer get into Corchado’s Mercades Benz, conduct what they called “a brief transaction” and then exit the car. When cops stopped the buyer, about 15 feet away, they found a plastic bag of cocaine in his pocket, a news release said.

From November 2010 to August 2011, prosecutors listened to hundreds of phone conversations in which Corchado would discuss his drug business, the DA said. In August 2011, investigators executed a search warrant at his store and found two plastic bags of cocaine, two plastic bags of marijuana and a scale hidden under a refrigerated deli counter. Later that day, they searched his home on Grand Avenue in Baldwin and found a a pistol, shotgun, magnifying scope, ammunition magazines and about 100 bullets of various calibers, the district attorney said.

“The defendant has been found guilty of using his mom-and-pop Queens grocery store as a front to traffic in narcotics,” Brown said in a statement. “His arrest, conviction and now sentencing represents a clear demonstration of my office’s commitment to rid our country of illegal narcotics trafficking and to improve the quality of life of our Queens residents. The lengthy sentence imposed today by the court is more than warranted.”