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DA: 14 indicted in Long Island heroin ring

Fourteen people were arraigned Wednesday in Suffolk County for their alleged involvement in a multi-million dollar drug distribution network that stretched from Brooklyn to eastern Long Island, WNBC-TV reported April 2.

Aaron Smith, 57, of Holtsville, appears for arraignment at Suffolk County Court in Riverhead after being indicated as “a major narcotics trafficker.”
Photo Credit: Mike Balsamo/

At a news conference in Riverhead, prosecutors announced a 37-count indictment against 10 men and four women charging them for various roles in the alleged heroin ring. Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said the investigators believe the ring sold more than $3.6 million in drugs over the past year.

Prosecutors alleged Miguel Vicente, 32, of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was at the helm of the alleged operation. Arguing for significant bail at his arraignment, Assistant District Attorney Kate Wagner called him “the kingpin of a multi-million dollar heroin network.”

During the 38-day probe – which included wire taps and surveillance – Vincente allegedly supplied close to 40,000 bags of heroin to six different dealers, prosecutors said. Spota said investigators are looking into the possibility he was also supplying dealers in other nearby jurisdictions.

“Our narcotics detectives and our prosecutors have told us this is probably one of the most prolific operations that they have seen in many, many a year,” Spota said.

Prosecutors said Aaron Smith, 57, and his wife, Kelly Mullen, 27, distributed the drugs from their Holtsville home that served as “a main distribution point” for pickups by drug dealers to be sold in seven Suffolk communities. Mullen, authorities charged, purchased about 16,000 bags of heroin while investigators were watching the group.

Her sister, April Mullen, 33, was also charged in the indictment. Prosecutors said she was staying at the home with her six children – some of whom, authorities said, were also fathered by Smith – along with Smith, Kelly Mullen and her four children.

Spota said investigators saw as many as five dealers coming to the home daily. He said they were selling the drugs for about $10 a bag.

When detectives raided the home in early March, April Mullen was caught flushing packets of drugs in a toilet, Spota said.

All 14 suspects were arrested on March 9 and each pleaded not guilty Wednesday to the slew of charges.

If convicted, Vincente, Kelly Mullen and Smith faces up to life in prison.

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