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D.O.C. Jones: Disciple Of Christ

The House of Light in Naked City is a gold mine. It is truly a light in the darkness. Spending time at the ministry was a privilege filled with pleasure. While there I met Travis aka Doc Jones. Travis is mentioned in a previous article written about IC Jonez. I knew of Doc, but I had not met him personally.

D.O.C. speaks
Travis at House of Light photo by Lleslie

Travis is in a group of Christian men I have affectionately named The Tribe. This group of young men set a Godly example of family as they represent God's Kingdom. The tribe of spiritual warriors keep it real, they are dedicated to reaching the streets. Using their God given gifts they minister to others with anointed spoken word and powerful testimonies.

Travis was setting up for ministry. I saw him, but I had no idea he was one of the tribe spoken of in my articles. Once introduced we talked and made the accompanying video. Travis speaks with passion that is a very impressive. GOD’s sense of humor became apparent when I looked on Travis’ website and learned D.O.C. stands for Disciple of Christ.

Doc's name will preach. First, the vain traditions of man cause us to accept and adapt to nicknames and titles without thought to their meaning. 80% of Americans classify themselves Christian. Yet, the majority of us give no thought to the meaning of the name "Christian" or the representation of Christ.

Second, even though I had told others about Doc Jones, when I was directly in front of him I didn't recognize him. Knowing of him but not knowing him allowed me to sit in his presence; holding a conversation without consciously thinking, I am in the presence of a Disciple of Christ. It's become the norm to overlook the Christ in each other. Lastly, how many of us have knowledge of Christ; we know of Christ without seeking Him and desiring to know Him personally?

Doc’s name holds a ministry within itself. The word he spits brings light to the dark places. It is truly a pleasure to meet this vital member in this tribe of disciples.

Deciding which video to share with you in the article was difficult. I love the Freedom video. Unfortunately only one video can be shown in each article. The video chosen for this article gives you an opportunity to meet the D.O.C. behind the videos.

Enjoy the video then check Travis out on YouTube.

Doc Jones - Not Guilty (Freedom) @DocJonesMusic_ @SaintCityTV The Freedom Tour 2012 Anthem

Doc Jones - Piece Of Bread (Little Light) @docjonesmusic_ Produced by Suhnraw and Stewrat

More on Travis can be found at WWW.DOCJONESMUSIC.COM

Thanks for reading. May the Lord richly bless you and yours.

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