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D.L. Foster: legal homosexuality means U.S. no longer "land of the free"

D.L. Foster
D.L. Foster
Witness Ministries

Before Glenn Beck chose to claim that nobody would ever call for gays to be jailed in America today, he probably should have turned on the radio.

Over the weekend on Linda Harvey's radio show, D.L. Foster and she complained about "U.S.-imported gay imperialism," while hailing anti-LGBT laws in nations like Jamaica and India.

Foster praised Russia as the "crown jewel" of the anti-LGBT movement for its "series of laws that literally enraged the homosexual world."

This eventually resulted in Foster complaining that the United States is no longer "the land of the free" because homosexuality is legal.

Yes, you are reading that correctly.

"I say three cheers for these nations," said Foster. "Cheers for these countries who recognize something that America, the so-called 'land of the free and the home of the brave,' has not recognized: that God's laws are more important than man's laws."

This is the usual "I can't persecute non-Christians, therefore I'm being persecuted" nonsense that this column has come to expect from the Religious Right, albeit spelled out in painfully obvious plain English.

Foster is literally saying that, because America has become more free, he no longer considers it to be free.

It's pretty tough (but not impossible) to say anything more stupid than that.

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