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Déjà vu: Ohio Humane Officer who shot five kittens in 2013 has killed again

North Ridgeville Humane" officer kills again
Alley Cat Allies

In June 2013, "Humane" Officer Barry Accorti killed five innocent kittens in North Ridgeville, Ohio. It appears he's started the summer off by killing more innocent creatures. This time a raccoon.

Last summer was a fiasco in town leadership after officials refused to remove Accorti from his duties. Those five kittens, known as "the woodpile five," were killed in a resident's back yard while children watched.

Both Mayor G. David Gillock and Police Chief Michael Freeman turned a blind eye to Accorti's behavior, despite public outcry and involvement by the Ohio SPCA.

This past week Accorti once again made national news after trapping a baby raccoon, when he shot and killed her in her cage while children watched.

It is clear that Accorti not only has no regard for the meek creatures that live amongst us, he must also be heartless. What kind of person would shoot a defenseless animal in front of children?

For this reason, Alley Cat Allies has written a letter to North Ridgeville Mayor G. David Gillock asking for the immediate termination of Accorti, as well as Police Chief Michael Freeman. By allowing Accorti to remain on the North Ridgeville payroll, he condoned the actions taken. Both by the June 2013 incident, as well as this most recent tragedy.

That letter, uploaded to Google Docs, can be viewed by clicking here.

A press release was issued by Alley Cat Allies stating

On the anniversary of shooting and killing five kittens, which garnered national attention; same officer kills baby raccoon as children look on

BETHESDA, MD—A very disturbing déjà vu. One year ago, almost to the day, North Ridgeville Humane Officer Barry Accorti was in an Ohio residential neighborhood and shot and killed five kittens. This time is was a trapped, defenseless baby raccoon.

In June of 2013, North Ridgeville garnered national attention for the kitten killings, nicknamed the ‘woodpile five.’ Five kittens were shot and killed while children looked on. It is reported the children were extremely distressed after witnessing the act of cruelty.

Just this week, Accorti was at it again. This time his victim was a baby raccoon. Again, children looked on as he shot and killed the defenseless animal.

“These cruel practices cannot and will not be tolerated,” says Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “The fact that a duplicate incident has arisen, with the same officer—who was, against advisement, permitted to keep his job—and the same supervisor, demonstrates the clear need for real change after last year’s cruel event. The city must adopt best practices as modeled in many of their neighboring towns in Ohio carrying out nonlethal control and humane education.”

In a letter to Mayor G. David Gillock, Alley Cat Allies calls for the immediate dismissal of Humane Officer Barry Accorti and Police Chief Michael Freeman.

“The culture of cruelty in North Ridgeville needs to change,” says Teresa Landon, executive director of the Ohio SPCA. “The Ohio SPCA receives calls about cats and wildlife, and are always able to find a humane resolution. North Ridgeville has no excuse.”

The outcry and distress from local citizens that North Ridgeville received last June and again today serve as a wakeup call for how out of touch the local government is with its residents. The national attention the incident garnered demonstrated how out of step North Ridgeville’s administration is with the rest of the state and country.

“We’re not just cat advocates, we’re animal advocates—and it’s clear that North Ridgeville needs new leadership—qualified, true humane animal care professionals,” says Robinson.

Alley Cat Allies’ letter to the mayor requested a meeting as soon as possible to develop a program in the city that is humane, effective and meets the needs of the community. An Alley Cat Allies representative is in North Ridgeville, working with local advocates and the Ohio SPCA."

A petition set up by Alley Cat Allies can be found by clicking here.

The press release, as well as the letter to Mayor Gillock used with permission after being contacted by Alley Cat Allies to help get the word out about the continued behavior of Officer Barry Accorti.

Please support Alley Cat on their mission to make North Ridgeville a safer community. Not just for the pets and wildlife who live in harmony, but to protect the children who have once again been unwilling witnesses to one man's cruelty.

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