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D.I.Y. Friday: Valentine's Day floral arrangement

D.I.Y. Valentine's Day floral arrangement
D.I.Y. Valentine's Day floral arrangement

Who would've thought to use an old book as the base for a beautiful floral arrangement that's so easy to make and so gorgeous to look at? Well it seems that Stephanie Schur of Bontany Flowers has. This arrangement makes the perfect last minute D.I.Y Valentine's Day gift and can be customized any way you like with your favorite flowers and greenery. For a long lasting arrangement you can always use artificial flowers too. Here's the how to!


  1. Find an old book that you feel comfortable cutting into (preferably a book of love or love poems for Valentine's Day or a favorite book you share in common).

  2. Open the book and trace a square on the top page, leaving about an inch border all around.

  3. Using an X-Acto knife, press firmly to cut out the pages within the square. Try to cut out as many pages as possible.

  4. Line the inside area with sturdy plastic and place a piece of flower foam or moss inside to keep the flowers in place.

  5. Begin placing the flowers. According to Stephanie Schur of Botany Flowers she suggests using flowers that are full and overflowing with lots of movement and light.

  6. Add moss around the edges to cover up any exposed stems and to give your arrangement a polished look.

And that's're all done and have created a beautiful arrangement that's total unique and made with love!

Source: (The Glitter Guide)

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