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D-Day in HD- History Channel Redeems Itself: History with a Capital “H”

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After the amusing but often embarrassingly wrong The World Wars, which aired in the final days of May, the History Channel will redeem its reputation this coming weekend with D-Day in HD. The two-part, four hour show will air on the 70th anniversary of the Normandy invasion, and is told through the eyes and words of the men who were there - many of whom are, sadly, unlikely to be around for the next major anniversary of the attack that launched what their commander called the Crusade in Europe.

Produced by the same team that brought the stunning World War II in HD, World War II in the Air in HD and Vietnam in HD, this fourth offering in the series, like those that came before, is packed with never-before-seen footage, much of it in color, which has been cleaned up, remastered and rendered in clear, high definition format. The narration and the talent providing the narration is also top-notch, combining recognizable voices of Hollywood actors with snippets from well-respected historians and authors. D-Day in HD is history with a capital “H” – and the best thing History Channel has shown since, well, the last time this group brought one of their HD programs to the screen.

D-Day in HD premieres Friday, June 6 at 9pmET/8pmC, and concludes the following night same time, same station.

The History Channel has always been good about showing quality programming on the anniversary of D-Day. Their list of well-researched, beautifully-presented and intelligent shows on D-Day is legion. Like the best of those History Channel has aired in the past, D-Day in HD includes interviews with veterans who hit the beaches of Normandy as well as those who flew above them, brought them to the shore – or fought back against them as they assailed Hitler’s Fortress Europe.

The drama, the courage, the carnage and the hope of D-Day are all presented here, as are the struggles to break out of the beachhead, for getting ashore was quite literally only half of the battle in June 1944.

D-Day in HD premieres Friday, June 6 at 9pmET/8pmC, and concludes the following night same time, same station. For more on the story see:

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Mark G. McLaughlin is a Connecticut-based free lance journalist and game designer with nearly 40 years of experience as a ghost-writer, columnist, historian and game designer. Two of his uncles landed in Normandy on D-Day (and both survived, one even returned in 1984). An author whose first published book was Battles of the American Civil War, and whose games include War and Peace, The Napoleonic Wars and the Mr. Lincoln’s War set, Mark continues to be enthralled by stories of war: his next game, Hitler's Reich, by GMT Games, is set in the European Theater of Operations in World War II - and of course, allows the Allied player to try to launch his own D-Day.

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