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D.C.'s African-American Family Day marred by violence (again)

Another 'African-American Family Day' ruined by violence...
Another 'African-American Family Day' ruined by violence...Getty Images

On Monday, two people were shot just outside the entrance to the National Zoo on Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Both victims were taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to D.C. Metropolitan Police.

The suspects have only been described as 'two black males,' and no arrests have been made at this time.

The zoo, as it does every Spring, was celebrating 'African-American Family Day,' when admission is waived and several "family-focused activities and live entertainment" is provided, the National Zoo's website states.

Violence is nothing new for the event...

-In 2011, a 16-year-old was taken into custody and charged with stabbing another teenager inside the zoo. He was later sentenced to seven years in prison.

-In 2000, a 16-year-old shot seven people at the near zoo's entrance. That assailant received a 25-year prison sentence.

While those high-profile crimes have been publicized, there are also many fistfights that break out during the event that do not make the news. As a result, D.C. police have unfortunately come to expect violence at the zoo every Easter Monday.

D.C. Police Commander Michael Reese told USA Today:

We were not expecting [a shooting] but we had a very heavy police presence up here...Numerous times nothing has happened up here, but it was very important for us to show a force, and that's what we did."

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, blacks commit 54.6 percent of this nation's murders, while only accounting for 12.2 percent of the population. Blacks are overrepresented in other categories of violent crime as well, including rape and robbery.

So, what catastrophe has occurred in the black community to cause this disproportionate rise in crime?

In 1963, only 23 percent of black babies were born out-of-wedlock, today that number has ballooned to an astounding 72 percent, according to a Centers for Disease Control report. In short, the black family has been dismantled.

The vast majority of black children are being raised by single mothers, as the fathers have simply walked away from the responsibility of raising and caring for their own kids. An action that would have once brought shame upon a man, now has become the norm.

We know that children raised in single-parent homes are statistically much more likely to live in poverty and to run afoul of the law. But what is rarely discussed is why this is taking place.

The most likely culprit for this expanding disaster is President Lyndon Johnson's so-called 'Great Society' programs of the 1960s, which grew the welfare state and discouraged poor pregnant women from getting married. Johnson's self-described 'war on poverty' was in reality, a 'war on the black family' and nothing more than a vote-buying scheme.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder often points the finger of racism towards white America, once he even said that we are "a nation of cowards" for not having an honest discussion on race. However, Holder has never expressed any interest in having a discussion on race as it relates to violent crime in this country, and the reasons behind it.

Last weekend, there were 45 people shot in the city of Chicago, nine of them died. In one incident, five children were shot on a playground by a gang member, shooting at a rival gang member. Neither the shooter, nor the victims were white.

Perhaps, it is Holder who is the coward.