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D.C. firemen accused of allowing city man to die

The family of Medric Mills speaks out.
The family of Medric Mills speaks out.
NBC News

The family of Medric Mills, the elderly man who recently suffered a cardiac event across the street from a D.C. firehouse, is calling for action. The Mills family is outraged that city firefighters refused to assist Mills and his daughter, at the time of the incident. Instead of providing aid, the accused firefighters allegedly instructed them to call 911.

NBC News reports Mills' daughter Maria Mills stating, "I ran to the curb and I was like, 'Please can you help my father. Please, please, please... And I said, 'Are you just going to stand there and do nothing and let my dad die?'"

Mills' first point of contact was a fireman new to the job. He claimed he needed to confer with his Lieutenant prior to taking action. This rookie was allegedly then told that he could not respond.

77 year old Medric Mills did not survive his cardiac event. In the wake of his passing the Mills family is speaking out against the city and fire department officials. They wish to have the law that protects officials, such as the rookie fireman, from any backlash in not coming to another's aid repealed. The Mills family feel it was the fireman's duty to provide aid as a trained public official.