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CZW Tournament of Death XIII results

Official logo for CZW Tournament of Death XIII
Official logo for CZW Tournament of Death XIII

When summer rolls around, most wrestling leagues go into partial-hibernation as attendances may dwindle as other types of summer-related entertainment become more relevant. Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) actually uses the nice weather to its advantage and holds their gruesome Tournament of Death (TOD) outside every year in Townsend, Delaware. For people who do not know what TOD is, let me explain.

TOD is a deathmatch tournament. It pits fighters in matches involving fluorescent light tubes, panes of glass, barbed wire and all sorts of other sadistic and unique weapons. Eight competitors start the single elimination tournament until there is only one left standing on top of the rubble. For this year’s tournament, three stars from Japan’s premier deathmatch organization, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, and one star from Mexico joined four of CZW’s stars, including defending champion Danny Havoc, for what the league is calling their “biggest tournament yet.” Think of this year’s TOD as deathmatch’s World Cup.

First Round:
Match 1: Fans Bring the Phallus Death Match (Ladder Match) [Editor’s Note: The actual name of the match has been slightly altered due its subject nature]: Lucky 13 vs. Jaki Numazawa
Winner: Lucky 13
Match 2: Barbed Wire Madness Death Match: Masada vs. Aero Boy
Winner: Masada
Match 3: Ultraviolent Pits of Hell Death Match: Danny Havoc vs. Masashi Takeda
Winner: Danny Havoc
Match 4: Light Tube Bundles Death Match: Jun Kasai vs. Matt Tremont
Winner: Jun Kasai

Second Round:
Match 1: Panes of Glass Death Match: Masada vs. Lucky 13
Winner: Masada
Match 2: Light Tubes, Gusset Plates and Razorboard Death Match: Jun Kasai vs. Danny Havoc
Winner: Jun Kasai

Final Round:
Match: No Ropes Barbed Wire, Light Tube Bundles & Scaffold Death Match: Jun Kasai vs. Masada
Winner and Tournament of Death XIII Champion: Jun Kasai

Non-TOD Matches:
Match 1: CZW World Tag Team Title Match: The Juicy Product (champions) vs. Drew Gulak and Sozio
Winners and still champions: The Juicy Product
Match 2: Joe Gacy vs. Alexander James
Winner: Joe Gacy
Match 3: Fans Bring the Weapons Match: Devon Moore vs. Ron Mathis
Winner: Devon Moore

There is a chance that this may have been the last CZW TOD as rising costs to hold an event like this make it harder to do every year. The event is available on iPPV as well as DVD and streaming, so check out

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