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Czerkawski's lawyer to file motions for dismissal in “Puppy Doe” case

Radoslaw Czerkawski, the man arrested for the torture and maiming of a young female pit bull affectionately dubbed “Puppy Doe”, appeared in Dedham District Court today for a pretrial conference. Defense Attorney John Gibbons told the judge he is filing motions to dismiss for both the larceny and animal abuse charges.

Puppy Doe supporters outside the Dedham District Court house before Czerkawski's pretrial conference.
Deanna Terminiello
Puppy Doe, the pit bull mix found tortured.
Animal Rescue League of Boston

Czerkawski's defense team has been granted 30 days to file the motions and the prosecuting team has 30 days after that to respond to the motions. The next pretrial conference is scheduled for July 14, 2014. Czerkawski remains in custody.

Further, the Defense requested to try the larceny and animal abuse cases separately. The Prosecution did not object.

Sandra Lee, true crime writer and investigative journalist, was present for the pretrial conference and described Czerkawski as “slimmed down and shackled.”

Czerkawski has been charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty in the Puppy Doe case. At the end of August, a pit bull mix puppy was found in Quincy, Mass. near death. After much investigation, it was discovered that the dog had been sold on Craigslist to Czerkawski and then endured three months of torture before being dumped at the Whitwell Street playground. Injuries included dislocated joints from being pulled, broken bones from repeated abuse, burns, stabbings, starvation and a tongue cut to look like a serpent's. Her horrific injuries were so extensive, she had to be euthanized.

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