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Cynthia & Peter’s marriage woes; NeNe mean to Porsha; Kandi & Phaedra jump offs?

Three's A Crowd
Three's A Crowd

Cynthia and Peter’s marriage seems to be taking a turn for the worse…again. On top of that, Cynthia throws gasoline on the fire by allowing her sister (the troublemaker) to come stay with them for two months without consulting Peter first.

Malorie doesn’t waste any time sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. The minute Cynthia shares an intimate detail with Mal she blabs to Peter. She has the nerve to ask if Peter was upset because he was sexually frustrated. How is that her business?

Is Cynthia withholding sex from Peter intentionally as payback or as a sick power move? It’s either a passive aggressive tactic or just one of those things where it’s difficult to be intimate with your husband when the dream he sold you has turned into a financial nightmare.

With all of that going on, Cynthia decides to be nice to Mal and let her have a jewelry sale party at The Bailey Agency. NeNe invites Mynique (Chuck Smith’s wife), who stirred up drama in the last couple of episodes digging into his past relationships with Phaedra and Kandi.

Who knows what he told his wife about his involvement with these two, but it was over twenty years ago so why is it a big deal now? Chuck tried to set the record straight that Phaedra and Kandi were just part of the team aka “jump offs” and nothing more.

How tacky of him to say such things to a married woman and a soon-to-be married woman. However, when Phaedra told Kandi what he said it was hilarious how they strongly insinuated that Chuck wasn’t packing using phrases like “the little homie”, “cocktail sausage” and “bite-sized brownie”. Kandi called it by saying he is only bringing up their names because they are popping on the scene and Chuck is just trying to make a name for himself.

Phaedra and Kandi pretty much kept their distance from Mynique and mingled with the other ladies. Other than a quick spat between Malorie and Kenya regarding Mal’s surprise extended stay – everything was going fine until NeNe tells Porsha she’s not a good friend.

NeNe couldn’t understand why Porsha would move into an 8,000 square foot home in her neighborhood without letting her know. Porsha claimed she was eventually going to stop by and surprise NeNe. Porsha walks off in tears when she is told once again she’s not a good friend because she doesn’t call or text unless she needs something.

Is Porsha exhibiting a one-sided friendship? Should NeNe cut the girl some slack due to her divorce turmoil? NeNe apologized but told Porsha she needs to do better because everyone is going through something and they could be a shoulder to lean on for each other.

Thankfully they hugged it out. Maybe NeNe can be a big sister and talk some sense into this girl and figure out why a single woman needs such a huge lease-to-purchase home without any income or decent spousal support. In the words of Wendy Williams, Porsha is being less than smart.

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