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Cynical Philadelphia Phillies' fans angered by Opening Day

Jimmy Rollins' two-hundredth home run was a grand slam on Opening Day.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Phillies exploded for 14 runs against the Texas Rangers on Opening Day. But, as all cynical followers of the game would loudly let everyone know: The Rangers put 10 runs on the board! When reality forces cynics to respond to positive circumstances, they often react in another direction.

Anyone who was born slightly before the Phillies first 'Golden Era' (1976-1983) has no legitimate complaints to offer about anything baseball related as compared to other long-suffering fans of this team. Those individuals would be the ones who endured parts of nine-plus truly terrible decades (1883-1975) when their team only made two playoff appearances (World Series' losses in 1915 and 1950).

The Phillies second 'Golden Era' began in the mid-2000s and might not yet be over. But, even if it already is, all genuinely loyal fans enjoyed a second World Series Championship parade in 2008.

Those who have chosen to balance logic with emotion, as the seasons have unfolded since Brad Lidge struck out Eric Hinske, know that the past two seasons were filled with reasonably questioned moves and non-moves. They also understand that injuries among an aging core also helped to create back-to-back non-playoff seasons. And yet, they're still grateful for the great days they shared with family and friends.

Of course, the absence of Rangers' starter Yu Darvish gave Ryne Sandberg's team an advantage in the first game of the 2014 season. But, Philadelphia's much-maligned collection of hitters crushed almost everything that came their way on the day that this new season was born.

Some personality types invest themselves in a completely slanted point of view, so that nothing can ever satisfy their ever-shifting standards. Therefore, if those individuals feel that this game no longer represents what it actually is, entertainment, then it's surely past time for them to take their baseballs and stomp home.

Meanwhile, through a sunny spring, pleasant summer and always-approaching fall, all seasoned souls will rightly continue to enjoy one of the greatest games that has, is or will likely ever be played.

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