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Cylinder UFO hovers low near California freeway


A cylinder-shaped UFO about 3 to 5 times larger than a commercial plane hovered low over a California freeway, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The September 3, 2009, sighting was recently posted to the MUFON UFO reporting area by a witness who was driving to work along a stretch of Highway 80 between Pinole and Hercules about 5:50 a.m. that day.

As the witness came within one-quarter mile of the object, it appeared to be between 50 and 100 feet off of the highway, and between 500 and 1,000 feet off of the ground.

The silent and hovering object was described as three cylinders - "two smaller cylinders on the outside and one large cylinder in the middle that protruded past the smaller cylinders. It appeared all three cylinders were connected. There was also no markings."

Pinole is a city in Contra Costa County, California, population 19,039, and is located 20 miles northeast of San Francisco.

Photo: San Pablo Avenue, Pinole. Wikipedia image.

A similar report was made to MUFON on September 5, 2009, regarding a September 4, 2009, incident along the same stretch of I-80 between Pinole and Hercules at 8 p.m. In MUFON Case # 19077, the reporting witness described a pulsating object where the lights indicated it may have been a rectangular shape.

Following is the unedited and uninvestigated report from MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If Northern California MUFON investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update.

CA, September 3, 2009 - Large Hovering Cylinders off I80. MUFON Case # 20830.

At around 5:50 on sept 03, 2009. I was driving on my way to work. Sky was very clear with no clouds & still dark. As I was headed down a small hill between Pinole & Hercules on Hwy 80. I noticed two very bright lights just slightly above the tree line on my left side.

They were pointed in my direction which was roughly a mile away. It caught my attention as those lights were not normal for that area. My 1st thought was roadwork.

However the lights were too high up to be flood lights. Since I was on a hill going down the hwy. I had a clear view of anything in the far distance. I glanced around and noticed nothing other than flowing traffic. Next I thought it was a traffic helicopter or possibly there was an accident & someone was being airlifted. At that time in the morning it’s not uncommon you see accidents as people are rushing to get to work.

I focused my eyes on the light trying to determine what the source of light was. About 3/4 mile away two smaller lights started to strobe back & forth. The large bright lights still remained on. As I got closer the lights were so bright you had to squint a little. When I was roughly 1/4 mile away I noticed there was this very large dark object hovering about 500-1000 feet from the ground.

At first glance the object was dark & cylinder shaped. It didn’t appear to have wings nor windows. It was roughly 50-100ft to the left of the hwy. I slowed down to about 40mph and the car behind me stepped on his brakes & went around me. When the object was directly in front of me I rolled my driver window down & stuck my head out the window. It was 3-5 times bigger than a commercial plane. It made no sound and was just hovering like a kite.

As I drove past the object I could see there were THREE large cylinders. Two smaller cylinders on the outside and one large cylinder in the middle that protruded past the smaller cylinders. It appeared all three cylinders were connected. There was also no markings.

At the moment I had to make a quick decision if I should stop and pull over or keep driving to work. Also the junction to switch hwy’s was around 1000ft so I had to act quick. I was so dazed & confused about what I was seeing my reaction was to head to work. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen so about a ½ mile away I turned around and headed back. It took me less than a minute to get back to the spot where I saw the object but it was nowhere in sight.

I searched the local news papers to see if anyone else had reported seeing the object but I didn’t find anything. I know for a fact someone else had to have seen what I saw as it was right next to a major highway. Luckily I found this site & Im hoping someone else saw what I saw. One last note. I thought it was strange while I was searching the internet for reports of the object. There was a UFO convention (The bay area UFO EXPO) the following week.

I told my family & friends but they didn’t believe me. Honestly I don’t care what they think. I know what I saw!

For more info: Visit MUFON on the web - the Center for UFO Studies - and InCahoots.TV.


  • David Adams 5 years ago

    I wonder how many more ufo sightings would be reported if more people didn't care whether their friends or family 'believed' them or not?

  • Sad , but true 5 years ago

    To Mr. David Adams,

    The amount of reports that don't get reported due to fear of what other may think etc:
    I would guess it is probably a staggering number. I know of people that have told me of their UFO sighting. They would never dream of going public! Just look at the comments that get posted on this website. It makes you afraid to report and you don't even know these people! If you report you are made out as a fool, freak, even if it is thought to be a genuine sighting!

    About MUFON and other UFO groups:
    They just don't have the funds to even begin a true and proper investigation(No Money). I feel sorry for the MUFON investigator, they don't get paid. For the most part they have to invest their time and own money in equipment etc. So who's going to drive or fly somewhere to do an investigation? Haul everything with them across the state to investigate? It's the investigator's time and money! At the end of the year they still have to pay their membership dues!

  • srv 5 years ago

    The description reminds me of the P791 airship from certain angles. Its a Lockheed Skunks works project. Could be a Skycat-20. Too bad Roger's site does not allow for cut and paste pictures. But it can be googled. Some of today's airships if seen in person could easily make one think it was a ufo craft. Makes you wonder where the designers came up with the designs in the first place. Alot of the red and orange lights being seen at night may well be a SA-60. Check out hybrid airships. Popular Mechanics did a really nice article on them.

  • AR 5 years ago

    Very low, no sound and floating. Our airships?? Sorry! Not buying that!!!

  • CAP 5 years ago

    Great researching "srv"!

    SA-60 Airship:
    At sea level, the spherical airship will always have more drag than a traditional, cigar-shaped airship. However, for high altitude flying in an air density of approximately 6% that at sea level, the difference in drag between a spherical and a cigar-shaped airship is negligible. At an altitude of 65,000 ft., the spherical airship can achieve speeds exceeding 90 knots.
    90 Knots = 103.7 MPH
    This may very well account for some UFO sighting, unless they were obviously much faster than 90 Knots = 103.7 MPH .

    Again great researching "srv". I for one didn't know of this airship's existence.

  • CAP 5 years ago

    Sky-cat 20

    Description: The cargo-hauling SkyCat-20 features retractable hover-cushion engines that allow for vertical takeoffs and landings and can also be reversed, eliminating the need for a ground crew or handling equipment. Variants could include firefighting blimps.
    Designer: World Skycat
    Operational Alt.: Up to 10,000 ft.
    Speed: 97 mph (maximum)
    Progress: World SkyCat originally planned a first flight for 2002. The updated schedule calls for a SkyCat-20 world tour by the end of this year, and production models in early 2009.

    This may very well account for some UFO sighting, unless they were obviously much faster than 97mph.

    Thanks "srv" for sharing your knowledge of this airship!

  • CAP 5 years ago

    SA-60 Airship:

    Description: This unmanned, 62-ft.-dia. diesel/electric hybrid broke the world airship altitude record in 2003, reaching 20,000 ft. Designed for scouting and surveillance, the SA-60 can fly autonomously. Its round design gives it more low-speed maneuverability.
    Designer: Techsphere Systems International
    Operational Alt.: Up to 10,000 ft.
    Speed: 35 mph (cruising)
    Progress: With no major deals announced, Techsphere is putting its best blimp forward, with a higher-altitude followup to the SA-60—the SA-68—scheduled to fly this year.

    Thanks "srv"

  • Spock 5 years ago

    Hey you've got something here about the airships!

    Except for a few relativity small and perhaps trivel details or accounts of real UFOs:
    *These airships are too slow to account for some UFOs.
    *Unless we can put a silent power source in them that can go several times faster than the speed of sound and also not have a sonic boom.
    *Lets not forget beefing up that airship to withstand the stress loads either and the ability to reverse course without even slowing down.
    *Lets also add the ability to dive into the ocean with little to no disturbance to the water.

    Shall I list more? Or would that be too rude?

  • srv 5 years ago

    Im not say all UFO sightings are these new hybrid airships. I just want people to be aware of them. I ran across them while doing research on a 3-sphere object first reported in Texas now I have seen reports in over 14 states and possibly Mexico. I have had all the best scientists I know look at the sketch and we have come up with nothing. My government resources in (military, NASA, weather, universities etc)all deny knowledge of the object. Anyways, that is how I became fascinated with the airships. The SA popped up a few weeks ago on George Norey site as a UFO. So people are seeing them and reporting them.

  • srv 5 years ago

    Also, I dont think people realize how many balloons are in the air. Everyday at the exact same time,twice a day 900 weather balloons are released around the world. They go up to 100,000 feet blow up and the transmitter floats back down to earth. Takes 2 hrs. (There are finders fees!)

    Another balloon is the telephone balloons. A company from AZ made arrangements with area farmers in remote locations in the US to release these balloons. They have a 400 mile span that they cover. Each 400 miles has one balloon. That is one way to get cell phone service to remote locations. Seems to be working.

    My child (10 yr old) has an ap on her cell phone (which I use often) we can point at an object in the sky and its sends us a signal and tells us what it is. Another ap for astronomy.

    Another way to look for UFO's and the best way I think, is to use Satellites. I know a little bit about the work being done there. I wish all of us who know something about that could get together and talk.

  • C.H. 5 years ago

    To: SRV,

    *About the airships: Good work! This really helps let people know what's also in our skies. That way if they see one, it will be easier for them to know what it is.

    *I also wish everyone would learn basic aircraft positional lights and where the red, green, white lights are and why.

    Funny you should wish this website had the option to copy and paste pictures or illustrations. Yesterday sitting out in the desert I was also thinking of this. I was thinking if Roger was to make this option available the rating for the Examiner would soar much higher!

    To Spock:

    SRV is a good UFO researcher. She has been at it sense quite a young age, thanks to her father. She is a serious UFOLOGIST. She likes to help educate the public about what is out there in our skies. If we know what is out there it is less likely for it to be mistaken as a real UFO. I for one also wish everyone to learn basic aircraft lighting, colors and why.
    Happy wishes.
    P.S. I'm also a Star Trek