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Cycling in Denver's City Park

Historic Boat House.
Historic Boat House.

At the top of the list for parks to see in Denver sits City Park.  There are currently public meetings being held in regard to a complete re-configuration of traffic lanes. Thats good news for us bicyclists because there will be bike lanes added. (click on the link to read more)

City Park was one of Denver's first public parks (founded 1880), and remains a popular destination for families. The park is a mile long and three-quarters of a mile wide. A scant two miles from downtown the park offers a zoo, museum of nature and science, picnic tables, playgrounds, flower beds, fountains, lakes, baseball field, handball court, multi-purpose field, softball field, and lighted tennis courts. As if this weren't enough, there are numerous events taking place including evening symphony and jazz concerts in the summertime.

During the 60's there was a massive die-off of elm trees in the park and only recently are their replacements mature enough to provide shady lanes of traffic and acres of potential activities, or a nice quiet rest after a long ride.

There are numerous restaurants just a few blocks from the park, and quite a few vintage houses to see.
Just blocks from the park is Colfax with it's bustling retail and restaurant district.

With the zoo bordering the park, there are numerous avian species including cormorants, mallard ducks, Canadian geese, and in the summer, trees full of snowy egrets.

As always please obey the park rules, and I'll see you on the trails.