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Cycling and why it is important to receive bodywork.

Muscular System
Milliken Publishing

Training for a Century can be taxing on your body. Beginning to ride after a year of not cycling feels good at first and you think to yourself, “why haven’t I started cycling earlier?” It’s as if you’re mentally preparing yourself for the next few months of training. But are you only fooling yourself? Training takes more than a mental preparation; it takes pushing yourself through the grueling times when you don’t want to ride. Those days starting from zero to 28 miles can burn you out after a couple of days of training.

Each day you feel a little bit stronger as you feel your muscles burning because they are building. The soreness starts to set in and stretching becomes a chore rather than a need to do it. By the end of the first week, you need a rest day and the feeling of accomplishment leaves its mark. You are now on a roll for the second week of training. The muscle soreness is like a long lost friend and you remember the times of your youth, thinking, “I’m feeling good!” Each day is another challenge; “can I make it up a steep hill or can I ride a bit faster today?”

Thoughts of you riding through the masses of people on the century start to fill your vision and it’s only the second week. Then out of nowhere, you take off a couple of days because of the exhaustion kicks in and all the hype of the bike ride becomes a distant dream. You’ve entered the dead zone! What can you do to make yourself feel better and get back on the bike? Get some bodywork; deep tissue, sports massage and move out those toxins.

Circulate the blood and add some oxygen back into those tissues! Yes, that is the why professional athletes have much success. They know that in order to move through the each segment of training, they must rejuvenate their muscle tissues to keep them healthy. Soak in a hot tub also helps the muscle tension but nothing works better than massages! Then get back on the bike again and tough it out. Soon enough it becomes a habit, a way of thinking and before you ride the century, get another bodywork treatment! You deserve it!

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