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Cybersecurity Act and unintended consequences

Say no to Washington

There are two bills currently in front of the senate they are the United States Information and Communications Act (S. 921), or U.S. ICE, and the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 (S. 773). The general consensus is the Senate will converge the two bills together, no surprise here.

In an article: Cybersecurity Act returns with a fresh coat of paint
“the bill has been redrafted behind closed doors” and goes on to say “Like the original bill, the new version appears to give the President carte blanche to decide which networks and systems, private or public, count as “critical infrastructure information systems or networks.” 

Overlooked is how the Internet has evolved in the lives of citizens and how government control would infringe on the rights of these same ordinary citizens. While many of us regularly use the Internet to send an email to a friend or just surf the web, businesses rely on the Internet today more than ever. Private industry in the event of a "network shutdown" will be under the control of the Federal Government.

Some examples of industry that will affect us:

Telecommunications – While I cannot verify the estimates that at least 60% of land-line phone communications have been converted to Internet Protocol, in 2005 I was involved in the Security Communications Industry. I can tell you that unknown to me the phone company had switched our dedicated long-distance service to Internet Protocol and the way the data was communicated was incompatible with our systems. Of course a considerable amount of manpower was used to resolve this issue, we finally requested a standard POTS  line (Plain Old Phone System) and the problem was solved. Never the less many rely on a Internet phone network and some do so by choice using a network like Vonage.

Security – Signals sent and received, sometimes even continuously from institutions such as banks and critical data centers in the private sector, a jewelry store security system could be affected by a network shut down.

Medical – From a personal pacemaker reprogramming to major critical medical systems a shut down would be a matter of life and death.

Transportation Industry – Trucking could be adversely affected by a network shut down not to mention Rail-cars and the possibility of derailments. Coal being shipped out of Wyoming as well as food and supplies coming into Wyoming could be affected.

Media – Like the article you are reading right now, news outlets are network dependent. Again a First Amendment violation that reveals a Federal Government that will have full control.

The Internet was built on a redundancy of an intertwined stupid network and no one knows what the results of a shutdown will bring. Staggering unintended consequences is what we can expect from the bureaucrats in Washington.

Wyoming must say no to this intrusion by the federal government, we must remain free people. Contact your state legislators and tell them you want "Tenth Amendment" protection from the federal government.

Visit Wyoming 10A for more information on States Rights.

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  • tim gallien 5 years ago

    Whose house of cards has the most to lose in this light of day? For those who know what I know, this bill makes total sense. Kinda like Nazi mass murderers trying to hide their past deeds and future plans from the people. The German Nazis didn't have the internet, but they did have books. The fascists of today are one in the same. The internet is the single most powerful weapon to defend ourselves with.
    If Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, amongst others, had the internet in their time, what would they have done with it? Destroying it, is too obvious. To CONTROL it, in the name of national security is an easy sell to the ignorant masses. Give it a name like CYBER SECURITY. Who can be against that? The saxon game is slow. But that is why it seems to work. Little by little, liberty will fail, if people stay ignorant in apathy. If you fail to wake up, you will love your new home. If you wake up at all, you'll realize that you've lost everything, except freedom.