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Cyber world needs a spell check.

Is this the tool that brings down civilization?
Is this the tool that brings down civilization?

This rant is not directed to any specific person. In fact, it’s directed to everyone in cyberspace, and text message space, and any other high tech communication media…LEARN HOW TO SPELL (for that matter, use proper grammar and punctuation). The degradation of civilization is directly correlated to the ability to assemble characters into an order that is consistent with authoritative published works known as dictionaries (of note, Hannah Montana is actually a sign of the apocalypse, and not truly an affectation of a degrading society). Acronyms, while once a valuable tool in communicating large pieces of information within narrow time frames has become increasingly used to communicate mundanely miniscule abbreviations for already short phrases. Taking 42 letters and trimming them down to four makes perfect, logical sense (National Aeronautics and Space Administration= NASA) while taking eleven letters down to three is absurd (be right back=brb).
My friends, the time has come for us to show that geeky little thirteen year olds are not the only ones who can spell “Laodicean.” Let’s show them that armed with our “qwerty” keyboards we can take back the full spelling of every word and phrase. WE ARE THE FUTURE OF THIS WOR… Oops phone…brb!!


  • lainie 5 years ago

    One of those people you are talking about could not be me , could it? :-)

  • the writer 5 years ago

    Ahem...*directs reader to first line of article* :P

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    So what is the correct spelling?

  • curious45 4 years ago

    My grammar and spelling suck. I learn each day more and more but I was brought up in California in the 60's and 70's and I never cared about those things. I was more interested in surfing, swimming, hiking and good music. So now in my 50's I am having to learn all these new things so I don't look like an idiot on the net. "By The Way" where is the spell/grammar check o this site? Ha ha ha! Well until I hear different I will use "Cyberspace". So many people are critical and do nothing but degrade people for not being correct. Why not just softly explain. That is the best way to learn, not to be told you are illiterate. con't...

  • curious45 4 years ago

    I am more right brained than left brained so bring so much joy into the world in my own way. My husband is more left brained and "softly" corrects my grammar and spelling. Just sayin'..... Or should I say "Saying".. Life is too short to be so critical of people. I know one thing... If you were my neighbor and needed anything I would be there in a minute and maybe I would not spell everything correctly in the email I wrote you to tell you I would be right down I don't think you would care. Oh and the "..." thing came from a great movie I watched "Mamma Mia" with 'Meryl Streep'

    Okay one big run on paragraph I am sure I will get a tongue lashing... Ha ha ha... Oh well. It is what it is. I think if we put more attention on getting out of all these wars we are in and brought back our jobs from overseas many of us would be at work right now and not all over the net looking for jobs etc.

    May you live each day like it is your last.
    Live Well, Laugh Often. Love Much (dot dot dot) Ha ha ha ha

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