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Cyber wellness coaching offers another option for achieving weight loss and fitness goals

Kerr demonstrates a workout regime.
Kerr demonstrates a workout regime.

A busy schedule no longer qualifies for an excuse not to be physically fit. Fitness can be just a click away in the virtual world.

Alli Kerr, a health fitness specialist in Macon, Ga., has pulled all the aspects of physical fitness together and formulated an internet program. She calls it  "wellness coaching."

"This program encompasses more than just training and fitness. (Wellness coaching) pulls it all together,"  said Kerr, with degree in Exercise science, and several fitness certifications.

How it works

Most clients' goals are to lose weight, she said. Kerr has each client email photos to her so she can see their body type and problem areas. These photos are taken in bathing suites or revealing workout clothes. Kerr reviews each client's goals and formulates a program tailored to them.

"It's very individualized," she said.

The type of regime Kerr prescribes depends on the person's body type. Kerr mails a custom diet and fitness program to each individual. But the program doesn't stop there.

"Most people need accountability," she said. "That's why I check in with (the client) every day."

Kerr requires daily communication from each person so they stay on track with their goals. She also requires them to weigh routinely and record their activity and progress. If the client isn't progressing as he should, Kerr then analyzes what obstacles are preventing achievement.

Most clients have 20 to 30 pounds to lose, Kerr said. But occasionally she'll have someone who needs to lose a lot more. "Right now I've got someone who started at 365 pounds and is down to 326."

Kerr said her clients are generally successful in reaching their goals. In addition to weight-loss coaching, Kerr also offers plans for those interested in body building. Kerr competes regularly in bodybuilding events.

Find out more

Check out Kerr's services at her website. The website details Kerr's experiences in the fitness arena and explains what fitness plans she offers. Kerr charges $50 per week for the wellness coaching. Contact her via her website or her email address,


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