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Everything in your life seems to be going so well; you’re in an amazing relationship, your career is taking off and your social life is buzzing. For all of these reasons, (and probably a few others) you find yourself being ‘Cyber-stalked’.

Let’s first examine why someone would devote so much of their time typing your name into search engines with the hopes of coming up with something.

1. Is this person an ex of yours? Perhaps he or she is still not over you and although you have deleted them from your life, they’re not ready for that step just yet.

2. Could this person be an ex of your current boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse? If this is the case, they either haven’t successfully moved on with their life and/or they have some sort of obsession with you. The latter would showcase their insecurities with themselves, thus forming the need to always compare their life to yours.

3. What if this person is someone with whom you do not know, or at least do not know very well? Now this might be the craziest person of them all. If a person that you’re not too familiar with is cyber-stalking you, it might be a warning sign of things to come. What if they start stalking you in your real life? Do they pose a threat to your safety?

These examples are why privacy tabs on social media sites were invented. Having a social media page can be a fun way of connecting with your friends and family, but they also can invite cyber-stalkers into your life. Now it may be impossible to completely disguise yourself from the crazies online, but it is recommended that you use the privacy tools that you have been given if you feel that you are being cyber-stalked.

Not all cyber-stalkers are there to make you feel threatened. If your ex or your partner's ex is cyber-stalking you and you know that they are crazy, (but not in a dangerous crazy kind of way) rather than feeling upset over it, you could use the opportunity to feel extremely flattered that they’re devoting so much of their time Googling you while you’re out enjoying your life.

If this person isn't a threat, block them (or don’t) and move on. There’s no need to become upset over it. Keep in mind that although you may become annoyed at times with their behavior, their life clearly isn't going so well if they can’t move on from you. Be the bigger person and wish them well and then don’t give them a second thought.