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Francis Chan Rope Illustrated Sermon
Francis Chan Rope Illustrated Sermon
Francis Chan

Have a problem getting to church? Not feeling well? Car broken down? Overslept? Don't have a church you want to go to? Not a problem. You can still get fed some milk or some meat (your choice). Turn on your computer.

Your regular church might have streaming available for the service, so you can watch the whole thing in your pajamas. The meet and greet time is a bit less than satisfactory, however. You need to be there in person to get (and give) some of those hugs, which are so important to the human body and spirit. For this reason, I don't suggest you make Internet church your regular worship routine. The saints are supposed to assemble.

You might find another church that has streaming available. Most large churches do today so do some googling to find the web page of a church that might interest you.

And if you just want some good preaching – you might attend church on YouTube. No I didn't stutter. I really did say YouTube. Funny thing, the first time I ever watched a video on YouTube, it was an antichristian/pro evolution message. I declared that YouTube was an evil site. Then I discovered that it is simply an open forum for people to post videos-good or bad or ugly. There are many in the last two categories, but there are a ton of good teaching videos and some wonderful music out there for your viewing pleasure and totally free, with some exceptions. YouTube is also a place where you can pay to see movies like you can on Amazon. Hardly a day goes by that I don't watch or listen to YouTube.

Here are some people and some messages that I recommend to you if you're taking the YouTube (or other Video provider such as Vimeo route: Some are short and some are over an hour.

Or how about a Christian version of YouTube found at

Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, Paul Washer, Shane Idleman, Dr. Michael Brown, Sid Roth, Jim Staley of Passion for Truth are a few names I'd recommend. They are not without controversy, which is not saying much because anyone who opens their mouth to speak about God is going to cause waves upon some shore and generate some criticism.

Francis Chan has been my favorite. Shane Idleman has recently come to my attention and he also has proven to be a speaker of passion mixed with a thirst for truth. Perhaps you can list others in the comment section to help people discover other mouthpieces for the Lord.

Francis Chan

Rope Illustration.

Francis Chan

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