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CWA: Iraqi spousal rape law demonstrates that U.S. feminists are out of touch

Concerned Women for America president Penny Nance
Concerned Women for America president Penny Nance
Fox News

On March 19, 2014 Concerned Women for America president Penny Nance released a press release with the headline "The Real War on Women: Iraq Introduces Law Legalizing Spousal Rape and Child Brides as American Feminists try to 'Ban Bossy'".

The argument presented is as obvious, and as hollow, as one might expect.

Nance begins, rightfully, by condemning Iraq's move towards legalizing spousal rape and child marriage, though midway suddenly swings into full condemnation of feminists and liberals in the United States.

"This is the real war on women, and the Left would be wise to wake up to it," she writes.

It's one of the most shallow ploys in the book: Attempting to shame proponents of one cause into silence by highlighting something halfway around the world as if their non-activity on the issue was due to apathy as opposed to inability.

CWA senior fellow Janice Shaw Crouse also makes the attempt:

Such rulings highlight how incredibly out of touch with reality those women are who want free contraception and talk about banning words like ‘bossy.’ Women around the world are dealing with basic human rights issues and the lack of fundamental necessities like good sanitation and pure water, while elite American women are fretting about supposed ‘wars’ on women.

Of course, if CWA believes they can force feminists into silence by highlighting their inactivity in Iraq, CWA should even more easily be silenced by their own inactivity here in America.

When anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly said there was no such thing as spousal rape, America's feminists did fully condemn her remarks.

Where was CWA then?

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