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CW’s ‘The 100' takes home ratings gold for it’s pilot episode

The Ark - The 100 on CW
The Ark - The 100 on CW
screen grab via CW

On March 20th the LA Times announced that the CW has a reason to do a little happy dance. The CW show, The 100, premiered with strong ratings. Stronger, in fact, than some other shows that might surprise you. The new post-apocalyptic teen science fiction grabbed 2.7 millions viewers, according Nielson. And those are just the early numbers.

In contrast, another popular CW show, Arrow, snuck away with only .8 million viewers among the main target demographic (18-49 year olds). The 100 grabbed .9 in that demographic.

Other science fiction shows have been showing steady decline in their numbers. Such as Revolution, which grabbed a total of 1.2 million viewers. (seriously... are we surprised by that one though?)

Meanwhile, long-running shows such as Supernatural, which pulled in 1.86 with .9 in the sweet spot, were holding steady with their loyal armies.. erm, we mean audiences. The Originals, anther CW baby, took home 1.53 million viewers with .7 in the sweet spot.

And then there’s the “science fact that happens to be fiction” show, Person of Interest, who currently appears to be ruling the science fiction kingdom with 10.94 million loyal viewers; a whopping 1.7 million of whom are in the golden age zone of 18-49.

In short, The 100 came out of the gate with a pretty strong lead showing. And that was WITH all the 40-some-odd geeks that chose not to watch the pilot because they were afraid it was going to the crappiest “post-apocalypse-teen-angst-bad-science-freak-show” ever conceived. And now their friends are telling them different... we’ll we expect to see some Star Trek worthy numbers if everything goes right.

The 100 airs on the CW on Wednesdays at 9/8 central.

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