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CVS to end tobacco sales

Anyone wanting to see the end of the tobacco use in this country may applaud the announcement by CVS Caremark that they will stop selling tobacco products in their stores.

Most people know that CVS has a pharmacy in each store and some locations also include Minute Clinics. CVS has made it clear they realize selling tobacco products in their setting is not in alignment with their focus and made this statement:

Cigarettes and tobacco products have no place in a setting where health care is delivered. This is the right thing to do.

The following details were shared in an online report at

CVS Caremark pharmacies will phase out tobacco in U.S. retail stores by Oct. 1, a move swiftly embraced by President Barack Obama and the first lady on Wednesday as a step that would save lives and promote good health.

The chain will lose about $2 billion in revenues annually from sales of tobacco in its 7,600 stores, but CVS Pharmacy president Helena Foulkes said it just makes sense for a firm now positioning itself as a health care company not to sell cigarettes side-by-side with medicine.

The Charlotte Observer shared this information:

The question of whether to sell tobacco is complex for retailers because it's a revenue driver. Dollar stores such as Family Dollar have started selling it over the last couple years, and they note that smokers make more frequent stops at retailers in order to buy tobacco. That's an important factor because these customers also may pick up other items when they visit.

Readers may want to read more on the CVS site about their decision to stop handling tobacco products. The big question now might be who will follow CVS in their choice. Some areas have Kerr Drug Stores which do not sell tobacco products, so most know CVS is not the first to make this decision.

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