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CVS quits for good, plans to pull all tobacco products from store shelves

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In a bold move by one of the biggest retail pharmacy chains in America, CVS has chosen to ban cigarettes and all tobacco products from their store shelves. According to ABC News on Feb. 5, the second-largest chain that is known for their dedication to the wellness of the consumer, is willing to give up millions of dollars in profit in order to stand behind what their company is supposed to be known for, which is good healthcare.

By the end of the year, over 7,600 locations nationwide will no longer be selling tobacco items because CVS says that it is ‘inconsistent with their purpose.' A new ad is also running in newspapers across the country that totes ‘quits for good’ which pretty much says it all. They are certainly hoping that smokers will follow their lead and also quit for good. CVS is the first retail pharmacy to pull cigarettes from their shelves, which may lead other pharmacies to do the same.

“What kind of company do we want to be?” said CVS president Helena B. Foulke. “We thought long and hard about the $2 billion in revenue but at the end of the day, there is a much bigger role that we can play in the healthcare system.”

With about 42 million people still lighting up, the medical costs keeps rising steadily. Healthcare officials have wondered how companies that are all about taking care of people's health can also sell something that contradicts that point. It can be quite confusing to see consumers purchasing cigarettes and their prescriptions in the same sale, especially if their medication dispensed is to control a condition because of their smoking.

The White House has already congratulated and thanked the company for taking the steps needed toward better healthcare.

What are your thoughts on this move by CVS to remove tobacco products from their store shelves?



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