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CVAPI’s case to appear on “A Haunting” this Friday, August 1st

New Dominion Pictures
New Dominion Pictures
Photo by Jackie Tomlin

Season 7, of “A Haunting,” produced by New Dominion Pictures, airs this Friday, August 1st at 10:00PM EST, on Destination America.

Meet Virginia family, Tiffany, Billy and Georgia on the episode “Demons Revenge,” a case investigated by CVAPI (Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations) in March of 2009. The story is on the haunting they experienced while living in a 200 year old farmhouse.

From Tiffany, “ I could not shake what we had been through.” “I began writing a book and it was too emotional and I could not get through it.” “Filming this was therapeutic and allowed us to purge and let go of what we had been through.” “Georgia is now 14 years old and those memories stuck with her.” “Since filming I feel that it gave all of us closure.”

From Jackie Tomlin, “It is nice to see the family doing so well now.” “I enjoyed working with New Dominion Pictures, and this family had a story worth hearing.”

From Tiffany, “Our family is more spiritual now.” “I wanted to let people know that its real and its not always harmless.”

From Jackie Tomlin, “These cases are rare, but they do indeed happen.” “It appears the after effects lingers with all of them.” "We have put up a preview of that case."

From Tiffany, “I want people to know that these things do leave real effects on you and can bring you down.” “Anyone that has gone through this should know they are not alone.” “This only opened my eyes even more.”

Jackie took that last statement from Tiffany to heart. From Jackie Tomlin, “Our forum has not been active for awhile.” “In listening to what Tiffany said, CVAPI will begin a thread on their forum for those to discuss their experiences, and hopefully to support one another.” “You will find it under “Paranormal Experiences.”

Jackie Tomlin and her daughter Nikki Tomlin founded CVAPI. They are based out of Chesterfield, Virginia. From Nikki Tomlin, “I remember the case very well, it was a long night.” “I am delighted to see the family doing so well today.”

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