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Cuyahoga County Council District 2

Council District 2
Council District 2
Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

County Council District 2 consists of the cities of Brookpark, Lakewood, and Cleveland Wards 18 & 19. This district leans democratic and will be tough for the GOP to squeak out a winner. According to the Board of Elections web site four candidates have pulled petitions to run for this office. All four candidates are democrats with the favorite leaning to current State Senator Dale Miller. The other three candidates are Michael Dever, Thomas Jordan, and Daniel E. Shields. This seat will be for an initial 2-year term, and will be up for election again in 2012.

The hope would be that the GOP could find a good candidate to give the democrats a run for their money. And money they will need especially if Dale Miller comes out on top in the primary. At the end of 2009, Dale Miller reported having over $84,000 on hand in his campaign coffers. (Use this link to search Dale Miller’s name and 2009.)

It is very interesting that Dale Miller would want to jump into this race this year. The pay rate for a state senator in Ohio is roughly $58,000.  The pay rate for a county councilman is $45,000. But let’s be honest. In politics salaries do not matter. After all…our past presidential races spent well over a billion dollars to get a job in the White House paying $400,000 per year. Go figure.

Also interesting to this piece is that Dale Miller is up for reelection this year for the 23rd District State Senate seat. Miller was elected to this seat in 2006 and still has time left in regards to term limits. He could get reelected again this year and seek out the county council seat in 2012 when the 2-year term for county district 2 expires.

In 2008, Barak Obama beat John McCain pretty bad in these districts. The GOP will need to find a charismatic candidate with financial backing if they would want to win this seat…especially against a candidate the caliber of Dale Miller. Should Miller decide to seek out the county council job, the GOP might serve itself better to run a candidate that has charisma and financial backing to steal away Miller’s 23rd senate district seat and paint that district red.

Dale Miller, who has a PhD in Psychology, knows the ins and outs of politics at the state level. However his bread-and-butter is local politics. He managed the campaign for current Cleveland City Council President Marty Sweeney in 1997, and is quite well loved amongst democratic voters on the west side of Cleveland.

Miller will be a difficult candidate to beat regardless of the seat he goes after. This district tilts very democratic, but there are a lot of Reagan democrats in this district as well. These are the blue collar workers that hold conservative values, but tend to give their support to democratic candidates. As more information comes up about this district, will be the place to find it.

More to come…


  • Toto 5 years ago

    Come on David. We all know that you were once a democrat and it is obvious here that you are a shill for Dale Miller. Isn't it true that you Dale Miller considered appointing you to the Ward 20 council seat in 1997 instead of Marty Sweeney? Then you helped Sweeney win the election he and Bill Ritter dusted you in the primary.

    Why not kiss a little more ass?

  • Dude 5 years ago

    Hey Toto, Why not cut the guy a break? I didn't see any ass kissing. All I see is a guy who seems to know a little bit about this area. David (the site blocked me from using the author's last name) is a Republican. I just see this article as being "fair" to Dale Miller. David knows that Dale Miller will be a tough opponent to beat, and he is just putting it down on paper. Err well electronic paper at least.

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