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Cuyahoga County 2010 elections

Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Cuyahoga County Recorder's Office

Welcome to the Cuyahoga County 2010 elections examiner page. This page will be dedicated to the 2010 elections coverage for the next year. You will find non-partisan information regarding races, candidate interviews,  polling and regular updates in your area and Countywide.

Cuyahoga County is made up of a 68.5% majority Democrat versus 30.4% Republican voter registration as of 2008. According to the 2008 U.S. Census Bureau estimates, Cuyahoga County has 1,283,925 residents showing a decline of 7.9% from the 2000 census reports. Cuyahoga County has been widely considered to be a manufacturing hub on Lake Erie but the loss of industry is slowly forcing a change into the medical and technological based Industries. Benchmark companies such as The Cleveland Clinic and Hyland Software make up the new direction of Cuyahoga County.

Election 2010 will see hundreds of candidates taking the stage to present their ideals to the masses. The U.S. Representative 10th District alone that is currently occupied by the venerable Dennis Kucinch will be challenged by no less than four Republicans this year. The 11th and 14th also lie within the Cuyahoga County voting base and challengers will be announced as they register.

Cuyahoga County citizens elected this  past year,  a new form of government with the passing of a Countywide Charter Commission. We will be closely following the formation and implementation of the commission as it affects Cuyahoga County residents.

Below you will find important links to the 2010 elections and activity in your area.

Am I registered?

Where do I vote?

The New Cuyahoga County Council

Cuyahoga County Board of Elections


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