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Cutting through the false ads to find the real God

God is Love...Jesus is Mercy
God is Love...Jesus is MercyThe Light of Christ on Facebook

Isaiah tells us that God says that we must 'listen, so that you may have life.'

But the world tells us that in order to have life we must have so much more, and do so much more. For the world advertises life in riches, and homes, and cars, and boats, and jewels, in plastic surgery with tight faces and bigger breasts, with hair color and elegant gowns, in fame, notoriety, and power.

The world also tels us that if we don't have the most recent, fashionable, popular product, we aren't really living. To live is to own the most cutting edge product. To live is to immerse oneself in technology, and, specifically, electronics to the point of self-absorption.

The world tells us that sex is happiness since fun and pleasure is the new beatific vision. Sex, moreover, is such a hot commodity, and a powerful resource for income, that pornography is sold to hook us on this popular beatitude. To keep this pleasure going, we are instructed to interrupt the life cycle, not to mention real marital love, through contraception, in order to keep the orgasms coming. And if, Hollywood forbid, we become pregnant, we must protect our reproductive rights and kill the baby.

Psalm 145 tells us that the Lord 'is gracious and merciful.'

But abortion, euthanasia, and class warfare inspired by secularist anthropology, perpetrated and supported by cafeteria Catholics, shows the world a duplicitous God. When the Catholic face of America is Nancy Pelosi, the nuns on the bus, Father Pfleger, and the hordes of progressive Church goers, the Body of Christ takes on the look of the diabolical.

St. Paul tells us that 'neither death, nor life...will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.'

But how is that so when the Catholic Church's religious freedom in America is being attacked by fellow Catholics? Is Christ separating himself from himself? Or, is the Church made of wheat and darnel, only to receive Justice and Mercy from God on Judgment Day?

Truth be told, the real God, revealed in the Real (Presence of) Jesus Christ is found solely in Truth, Mercy, and Justice. The Real God never serves His grace in a cafeteria.