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Cutting Edge Veterinarian And Animal Hospital Opens In Las Vegas 1-27-14

Pet Health Hospital
Pet Health Hospital
Pet Health Hospital

On Monday, January 27 Las Vegas will welcome it's newest veterinarian facility and animal hospital to the valley with the official opening of Pet Health Hospital and Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn. What makes this opening so special is that it is the Las Vegas debut of a new concept in animal care, one that marries pet wellness and preventive care programs with cutting edge technology to provide not only typical veterinary services but additionally providing ongoing treatment programs that will avoid costly procedures down the line and save pet owners money, as well as the potential heartache associated with the care of unhealthy pets. The goal of the facility is to provide both immediate treatments for animals that have emergency situations, but also to provide ongoing wellness treatments that will prevent the future health problems that will cost far more.

Pet Health Hospital founder Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch has personally crafted wellness programs for both cats and dogs, and will be providing these programs to customers who wish to take a pro-active approach to their pet's health. The wellness programs can be found on the new Pet Health Hospital veterinary website as well as in-house by inquiring with the veterinary staff. The website is constructed to be a portal to your pet's healthcare information as well as a way to communicate directly with hospital staff, as well as arranging appointments, viewing pet tips and advice, and finding ongoing events and information important to the Las Vegas pet-owning population. By providing information relevant to the community, Pet Health Hospital wishes to be viewed as a source of information for pet owners who wish to maintain the happiness and health of their animals.

While wellness programs for animals may be found in other facilities to a certain degree, there has never been this level of tracking, pet-parent involvement and dedication to preventive medicine for animals before. Through prevention of illness, Dr. Beerenstrauch hopes to extend the happy times that are shared by animals and their owners by many, many years.

Information about Pet Health Hospital can be found on the website or by phone/email at 702-289-4995 and The new veterinary facility is located at 8520 West Desert Inn Road Suite 1 in Las Vegas.