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Cutting edge surgery streaming to iPads

Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas has done it again. The Spanish thoracic surgeon, who has earned international celebrity for his cutting edge technique, uniportal thoracoscopy (single port thoracoscopic surgery) is now spearheading one of the largest and most innovative live surgery events in the history of surgery.

Dr. Gonzalez Rivas travels the world to teach his technique to fellow thoracic surgeons.
Dr. Gonzalez Rivas travels the world to teach his technique to fellow thoracic surgeons.
photo provided by Dr. Gonzalez Rivas

Set your alarm

Starting this Wednesday, February 26th thru February 28th, 2014, several top surgeons will be broadcasting and performing surgery as part of the “International Symposium on Uniportal VATS”. North American residents will need to set their alarm clocks for the event which begins at 9 am (Central European time, GMT +1), which is 3 am (EST).

Thousands of Internet Attendees

While there will be 100 invitation-only in person attendees at the event, live streaming will enable thousands of surgeons, students, residents and surgical staff to view the event around the world on their computers, iPads, and other mobile devices. The event has already attracted attendees from around the world, including Australia, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Turkey, Russia, the United States, Colombia, China and many others. Several large academic institutions will be live-streaming the events in auditoriums for students and medical staff.

In addition to lectures and demonstrations, on-site attendees will be able to participate in a wet lab which allows surgeons to practice the technique under the supervision of the pioneering faculty.

Who’s Who of Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Gonzalez Rivas is the director of the symposium, which is sponsored by Coviden, Scanlan and several other medical equipment companies. The event has been endorsed by the European Society of Thoracic Surgery, the Journal of Thoracic Disease and the Spanish Society of Thoracic Surgery, and is a virtual who’s who of modern day thoracic surgery. The faculty roster of the event includes such giants as Dr. Thomas D’Amico of Duke University, Dr. Gaetano Rocco of the National Cancer Institute in Italy and Calvin Ng of Hong Kong.

Real-time, live surgery

These surgeons will be doing more than talking about their craft. During this event, surgeons will demonstrate the uniport technique by performing three different uniportal thoracoscopic lobectomies. This allows surgeons from around the world to experience the event from within the operating room, while receiving advice and information from the world's foremost experts in this technique.

This event is co-sponsored by Duke Cancer Institute, Instituto Nazionale Tumors (IRCC) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. CME credit is available for participation.

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