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Cutting edge of corporate buzzwords

I mean Bingo!
I mean Bingo!

If your goal state is to get a job in corporate America, you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with the latest corporate buzzwords.

Employees no longer say they are going to fax, mail, email or call someone; they reach out. And when they reach out for the second or subsequent time, they circle back.

Workloads are determined by bandwidth, and personal contributions are known as deliverables. Day-to-day tasks are based on methodology, and importance is placed on mission-critical tasks.

Being in agreement with the team is referred to as “drinking the Kool-Aid,” getting all parties to agree is called “herding the cats,” and words of caution are followed by “having said that….”

Familiarize yourself with the latest corporate buzzwords and increase your odds of being successful in corporate America. After all, at the end of the day, you’ll want to make value-added contributions.