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Cutting edge information for families and care givers

Science is further ahead then we know
Science is further ahead then we know
National Geographics

If you are a caregiver with a time set aside for learning about what is new and what is on the horizon for the illness of your charge or if you are a long distance caregiver or perhaps you are just interested in the brain and how it works, the new issue of National Geographic Magazine is for you. Much of the magazine is given to new and fascinating research into how our brain works and what influences our mental health. Anyone who has picked up a National Geographic Magazine in a medical clinic or on some form of transportation, maybe you just want something quick to read on a flight from here to there; we know the quality of information and the cutting edge material which is the hallmark of this publication. If you just want to get the information regarding the research on the brain go to and the go down to the magazine link.

You will find not only the information to help while caring for and about this person in your life; you will also learn about haw we are on the threshold of mapping mental illness and seeing into the future of mental illness treatments. This is one of the most easily read and straight forward articles in a long time which can give answers to how, when, why; and will present us with a wealth of information and resources. This should be required reading for all high schools seniors, as they set forth in their career paths and seeing needs arise within the family.