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Cutting-edge conditioning and recovery wear by CW-X®

Break new running records and reach new fitness heights with CW-X®’s super-performing spring highlights aimed to support, stabilize and boost you to achieve personal bests.

CW-X®’s newest conditioning contender, the 3/4 Length Stabilyx Tights in Black/Multi-Square print provide superior support by targeting the hip, pelvic, and knee joints to help you power through like a pro for optimal stability and strength!

CW-X is the leading brand dedicated to creating the world's first truly anatomically-engineered high performance sports apparel fueled by the science of the body and powered by the passion of sports enthusiasts everywhere. The result is a collection that celebrates life, where human beings can challenge their bodies and play hard while recharging and recovering rapidly, all while receiving optimal support, superior stability and the staying-power to push on every step of the way. Check out these CW-X® spring highlights that are must-have mainstays for men and women:

3/4 Length Stabilyx Tights in Black/Multi-Square print ($135)
- these sleek and stylish tights are packed with super-performing details to boost your training and running regimen and enhance your staying power. CW-X®’s newest conditioning contender, the 3/4 Length Stabilyx Tights in Black/Multi-Square print provide superior support by targeting the hip, pelvic, and knee joints to help you power through like a pro for optimal stability and strength. These top-performing tights feature a smooth 4-way stretch fabric made of 80% CoolMax/20% Lycra which provides a comfortable fit and chafe-free ease of movement while cooling your body as you turn up the heat. They also feature a sturdy waistband with an adjustable draw-cord to ensure a customized and stay-put fit as well as a handy interior key pocket so you can conveniently and confidently perform with hands-free motion. What’s more, they feature a patented and strategically-placed Support Web™ design that’s precisely made to target a women’s curves and silhouette — its anatomically-specific design works like taping support and compression-care that helps the muscles and ligaments band together to stabilize the knee joint, support the lower abdominal area while strengthening the core, and stabilize the hips and back, all while boosting your performance, enhancing your recovery and preventing injury so you can run and train longer and stronger. CW-X® has also created these tights with 360 degree reflective detail thanks to its reflective logo and cool flash strips for extra visibility under lowlight settings so you can work out from sun up to sun down safely. Not only are these high-tech tights packed with the ultimate in forward-thinking function but CW-X® brings a bright and beautiful array of color with it’s fashionable Black/Multi-Square print that really stands out and adds a fun and feminine flair, making it the season’s multi-sport must have. Overall, the 3/4 Length Stabilyx Tights are super-stylish and super-performing — they feel comfy and delicious like second-skin allowing you to move effortlessly with a free range of motion while its fab-performing fabric provides optimal moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry. Plus, the patented Support Web™ design gives targeted tissue and muscles the much-needed support you require while working out so you feel strong and energized to push on and power through while feeling good every step of the way.

Endurance Generator Tights Black/Lime Green/Yellow Stitch ($170)
- arm yourself with these cutting-edge and comprehensive muscle and joint support tights that provide peak stability, power and recovery for the entire lower body. CW-X®’s Endurance Generator Tights are the ultimate defense to help you run and workout with superhero-like performance and rapid recovery. These high-tech tights feature new EXO-Stretch™ fabric that’s smooth and powered with the following details: dynamic 4-way stretch support for multi-directional moveability, maximum stability and comfort, phenomenal moisture-wicking properties so you stay cool and dry no matter how much you push on and sweat, and amazing UPF 50+ coverage for UVA/UVB protection so you can rise like a shielded warrior to run or workout under the sun. They also feature a double-reinforced waistband with flat draw-cord for a personalized and secure fit, a handy hidden key pocket — and race-inspired lime green and yellow stitching against the black fabric that highlights its support structure in a cool and colorful way so there’s no need to wear them underneath as a base layer — you can wear them alone to expose its show-stopping style. What’s more, CW-X®’s Endurance Generator Tights will be your best running, crossfit and workout weapon that will support, shield and revive your key muscles thanks to its patented Support Web™ structure that stabilizes the hips and pelvis and reduces impact on the knees — so you’re completely covered from your core to the quads. Once you slip on these tights you instantly feel fully supported from your lower abs, hips and back to your hamstrings, quads and knees allowing you to move powerfully and rotate dynamically while staying protected from injury. CW-X®’s Endurance Generator Tights are absolutely the most comprehensive muscle and joint support tights that keep key areas of your core and lower extremities protected and in place to help stabilize muscles and ligaments, energize you to power through like a pro, and recovery rapidly to get ready for the next feat. Plus, not only do these high-tech tights provide supreme support and excellent stability but they offer a full range and freedom of motion that’s multi-directional and dynamic, making it the perfect got-to-wear tights that are revolutionary in performance and recovery for everything from trail running to crossfit challenges.

Ventilator compression support socks ($55)
- slip on these cutting edge compression socks to treat your feet to a soothing and supportive experience that will recharge your legs and feet, support and increase your movement and speed recovery. CW-X®’s Ventilator compression support socks are the ultimate accessory to give your feet and legs some much needed TLC so you can perform effortlessly, efficiently and more energized. CW-X®’s Ventilator compression support socks are vital essentials for every athlete as well as stand out socks to wear every day and while traveling for the following reasons:

  • Cutting edge compression and supreme support- these socks feature targeted taping zones as well as graduated compression areas that feel comfortable and supportive, helping to stabilize key muscles including the calves, shins and ankle area while increasing circulation and aiding in recovery
  • Amazing arch support- these socks surround the arch with optimal support that provides a custom and comforting fit that cradles the arch to help reduce foot fatigue
  • Cozy anatomical toe design- the toe box is roomy and non-restricting allowing for a cozy fit that enhances ease of movement. What’s more, each sock is specially-made to precisely fit the left foot and right foot, so you receive a custom fit that molds to each foot’s curves and lines for the ultimate in comfort
  • Fabulous fabric and venting channels- CW-X®’s Ventilator compression support socks are made of a 4-way stretch antibacterial fabric that’s super-soft, stretchy and feels amazing against skin, keeping you comfy and fresh while increasing blood flow for ease and efficiency of movement. Plus, these socks feature mesh ventilation channels that help boost breathability and wick moisture so you stay cool and dry all day

CW-X®’s Ventilator compression support socks provide supreme comfort and optimal support to stabilize key muscles, relieve and reinvigorate legs and feet, increase circulation, and speed recovery. Whether you wear these socks for prevention and support or to target and treat troubled, aching areas such as your shins, plantar fasciitis or calves, rest assured that these socks will give you the performance-enhancing function and desired support and comfort your crave.

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