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Cutting Calories at the Bar

When it comes to being healthy and drinking it is often a two forked road. On one hand, I want to live a healthy life style and treat my body like a temple. On the other hand, my temple likes to get drunk. Here are a few tips that let you do a little bit of both!

1) Opt for real fruit juice
Let's face it, many bars do not have this option, but if you happen to stumble through the doors and notice a sign advertising this fact then order a drink with real juice. Why you ask? Everything coming out of the bartender's gun/magic wand is usually a combination of carbon dioxide and syrup in a bag. Enough drinks made out of syrup and your six pack abs will start to resemble the bag. When buying mixers be careful to read the labels, as claims for 'real fruit juice' or 'natural' claims hold no bearing on reality. The ingredients do not lie and high fructose corn syrup is often the carb culprit and should be avoided at all costs, even if it means paying extra for the organic pineapple juice.

Pro Tip: Vitamin C found in real fruit or vegetable juice will help break down the alcohol in your system, giving you a late night detox as you catch some z's leaving you with less of a hangover in the morning!

2) The 64 Calorie Trickery
One thing many beer companies are pushing these days is that their beer has less calories than the other guy. To a certain extent this is true, which is fine if you do not mind drinking more for your buzz. That's right, but what is often hard to find on the bottle and the marketing is that these so called low-calorie beers are actually just watered down. Say a typical beer is 4 - 6% alcohol, these low calorie beers boast a mere 2.8%, meaning you are going to have to pound probably double the amount to get a good buzz going, inevitably making you consume more calories than if you just went with the regular stuff.

Pro Tip: The lowest calorie beers at the bar are Beck's Premiere Light (64 calories, 3.8% alcohol), Amsdel Light (95 Calories, 3.5% Alcohol) and Michelob Ultra (95 calories, 4.2% alcohol).

3) Switch to Tonic or join the Club
Tonic cuts a few calories off, typically cuts 10 - 40 carbohydrates per drink, however, it still contains sugars. Club soda, while often confused with Tonic, contains no sugars and virtually no calories while being naturally carbonated. Club Soda is a guaranteed 50 - 100 calorie knock out, and without artificial sugars.

Pro tip: Ask for lime to increase the flavor and up the vitamin C content.

4) Deviate from Diet
Diet drinks are another easy trap for dieters, they obviously did not get to creative with the deceitful name either. Every diet drink typically contains unsafe artificial sweeteners, the kind that cause brain tumors in test rats, (kind of hard to defend your diet drink when one is putting alcohol in their system as well). Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame cause people to have a heightened sense of sweetness (since artificial sweeteners are four times as sweet as actual sugar) thus making the person have an unnatural craving for sweets. Second, sweeteners cause the metabolism to speed up since the body is breaking down empty calories, causing the user to become hungry or thirsty more easily.

Finally, there is no nutritional value in consuming diet sodas where as wine, fruit juice, or even a non-diet soda gives some nutritional nourishment. While you may be skipping the calories for now, you are simultaneously developing more of a reliance on the artificial sweetener, dehydrating your body more rapidly, craving more calories, and increasing your risk of cancer. In the end, you might as well drink the regular soda and absorb the sugar.

Pro tip: If soda is a must, look for cane sugar in the ingredients, your body will thank you later.

5) Double Up

Even the Olsens would agree, regular coke is better than diet

Asking for a double shot opens the door to a faster buzz with less calories along the way. If a buzz is what you desire, then double up the booze in your next drink, just make sure to pace yourself. This will cut the number of calories in half and should be easier on the wallet.

Pro Tip: Skip the tall glass.

6) Be a bad ass
Get your liquor on the rocks, plain and simple. I do not care who you are, when you see someone with a drink that is just ice and liquor you swoon a little bit. Not to mention they managed to knock out all the extra calories in mixers. Alternatively, you can get a cup of soda or tonic to chase straight shots with to make sure the calories stay low.

Pro Tip: Top shelf liquors usually mean higher quality alcohol and less junk, which is worth the extra dollars.

What are some of your calorie cutting secrets? Post in the comment section! (Economics of Getting Drunk) (Beer Calorie/Alcohol Content Information) (General Liquor Calorie Content) (Great Brand Specific Liquor Calorie Counter Search)


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