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Cuteboom Convention 2014 in Cincinnati

Ken Phelps
Ken Phelps
James Partin

On October 24-26 in Cincinnati will have the opportunity to visit one of the most unique conventions this year at Atrium Hotel and Conference Center in Tri-County, Ohio. The convention is called Çuteboom, it is the celebration of all things cute, so whether it is animation, costumes, photography, merchandise, cosplay, music, comics, or skits this is the place to be.

This event is the brainchild of entrepreneur Ken Phelps. I recently had an opportunity to discuss the event with him, and the conversation is as follows:

Me: Where did the concept of Cuteboom come from?

Ken: It originated back when I was an art student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and wanted it to basically to be my photography business. I loved photography and loved taking pictures of cosplayers at Anime conventions. So I thought at an Anime convention you were going to see cute cosplayers, cute merchandise, and cute skits that people put on as well as at furry conventions, and at comic book conventions. I thought that one way to make my dream true, would be to hold my own convention dedicated to all things cute.

Me: So how long have you been working on this event?

Ken: It has been a little over a year and a half.

Me: Did Cuteboom start as a concept for a convention or did you have other ideas at the beginning?

Ken: Well, to begin with I thought it was going to be just a photography business but then going after going to Anime conventions I thought I could do my own convention with a maid café as part of the event. If successful maybe expand the business opening maid café year around or perhaps by having the Cuteboom convention expand to other locations such as Los Angeles or Tokyo, Japan.

Me: So you have been to other conventions?

Ken: Anime Central in Chicago was my first it was a blast ever since I have been hooked. I have also Sokoshi Pokecon in Louisville, Ky. It is a great.

Me: What has been some of your success with these so far or things you have been working on?

Ken: Beside working on the convention that will occur in October, I am part of the Cincinnati Bronies Meetup. I am a huge my little pony fan as well as an anime fan. However, Cuteboom has its own Meetup group where we get together and hangout.

Me: So it is a social group for network for individuals who love animation.

Ken: Exactly!

Me: Do you have a lot of members?

Ken: Approximately, 200 members on Facebook.

Me: So what type of events have you done together?

Ken: Several different events ranging from going to the Cincinnati Zoo, Ice Skating, Bowling, seeing movie Frozen, playing board games such as monopoly, besides getting involved various charitable events such as an anti-bullying campaign and a blood drive.

Me: So you want to go national, international, help philanthropic organizations to make a difference?

Ken: Exactly!

Me: So how many people do you expect to be at the convention?

Ken: First year we are being modest between 200 to 300 people.
We thought originally overly optimistic and thought maybe two thousand, but that is not realistic.

Me: So about 200 to 300 people would be normal for first-year convention.

Ken: Yes.

Me: Any frustrations or celebrations?

Ken: Everyday is a Celebration. I am just thankful for my team, and volunteers.

Me: So they are all fired up about bring Cuteboom to Cincinnati?

Ken: Of Course.

Me: These volunteers are all anime, bronies, and comic book fans.

Ken: Yes.

Me: They all have special skills, and talents, and you have organized them and are just enjoying and having fun together.

Ken: Exactly! We have about 27 volunteers working on this event but would love to talk to anyone you would like to get involved. I can be reached at, or

This should be a great event to attend more information is available to

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