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Cute Valentine gifts for boyfriends: How to make a V-Day pop up card (#1)

Intro: Cute Valentine gifts for a boyfriend don't need to be expensive to touch his heart. This tutorial gives you DIY instructions on how to make a pop up card for V-Day. The pop up card template allows you to make a sweet Valentine's Day card that says, "I love you" when it pops up. This tutorial includes pop up card templates.

Need More Great Ideas for Valentine's Day for Your Boyfriend?

To Make These Cute Valentine Gifts for Him You'll Need:

  • Card stock paper -- red, white or pink
  • Scissors and/ or Xacto knife
  • Rubber cement
  • Printer paper
  • Ruler
  • Valentine's Day stickers
  • The pop up card template 1, template 2
  • Clipboard or sheet holder

Valentine Pop Up Cards Instructions:

I've typed out the steps for making the V-Day pop up cards. That said, you may find it very helpful to watch the tutorial video at the top of the screen. Seeing all the steps in context allows the instructions for the card to make much more sense.

  1. Print out the two pop up card templates.
  2. Place the template on top of the colored card stock. Fold the DIY Valentine card template in the middle. It'll be easier to work with in later stages of the V-Day craft project if you do.
  3. Attach to the sheet holder.
  4. Using your Xacto knife, cut along the lines of the pop up card template for your homemade Valentine card. If you're unsure about this, watch the video at the top of the screen to get a visual reference. You won't completely detached the "U" from the card, although you will hollow out the center of the heart. You'll replace that center with the curly-Q center pop up card template.
  5. Cut a line on each side of the "I love you" about 1/2-inch of the way in from the side on all sides. You may have to use your scissors to trim off the sides once you make the cut.
  6. Pop the letters out so the card will make its pop out motion when you open it.
  7. Reinforce the middle fold.
  8. Cut out the hearts from the curly-Q template. Use a contrasting color to the "I love you" template.
  9. Fold a whole sheet of card stock in half.
  10. Glue the "I love you" template onto the folded card stock. I like to use rubber cement when working on Valentine crafts like this, because I find it easier to clean up the mess. However, any kind of glue you prefer, including scrapbooking adhesives work.
  11. Once the glue is dry, trim the ends of the card so that only about a 1/2-inch lip remains on the sides. This makes the cute Valentine card look neater.
  12. Glue down the curly-Q heart.

How to Personalize This Cute Valentine's Day Gift for Him

To make this V-day pop up card really fit your boyfriend's personality, you can write sweet love quotes on the homemade Valentine's Day card. Here are some Valentine's quotes:

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