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Cute Valentine gifts for boyfriends: How to make a book safe filled with cookies

Intro: Looking for cute Valentine gifts for your boyfriend? Then learn how to make a book safe filled with V-Day cookies. This Valentine craft combines two of my favorite crafts, the secret book safe and my Valentine cookie recipes in one neat gift.

Cute Valentine gifts for boyfriends: Here are some ideas for cookie conversation hearts and other Valentine's Day designs
Cute Valentine gifts for boyfriends: Here are some ideas for cookie conversation hearts and other Valentine's Day designs
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How to Make a Book Safe as Cute Valentine's Day Gift

This cute Valentine gift for your boyfriend starts with the makings of a book safe. This sweet V-Day present allows you to recycle an old book and make into something completely new and original.

You Need the Following Supplies for This DIY Book Safe:

  • Wax paper or something else slick to lay down on work surface
  • Hardback book
  • Plastic wrap
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Xacto knife
  • Craft glue like Mod Podge

Putting These Cute Valentine's Ideas Together

It's not easy, but it's simple to make a homemade book safe if that makes sense. The easiest way to understand how to make this Valentine craft is to watch the video that accompanies this article. (It's the one with the arrow and the book with the heart-shaped hole in it.) You'll be able to visually follow along with the DIY book safe tutorial.

When you're done making the hollow book and it has had a chance to dry, you'll want to fill it with your Valentine sugar cookies. You'll wrap these in cellophane to protect them and keep them moist.

Make sure that the DIY book safe has been sitting for a couple of days before you do this just to be sure. You can also line it with velvet or another material to protect the inside of the secret book.

Additionally, you're not required to put your Valentine sugar cookies into the secret book. You can fill it with any of number of things that will make this a cute Valentine gift for your boyfriend.

Here are some other things you can fill the book safe with:

Valentine Cookie Recipes and Cookie Decorating Ideas

I've included Valentine cookie pictures in the slide show. They'll give you some really pretty V-Day cookie ideas, including some visual suggestions for how to make conversation hearts from your cookie recipes.

When I make my Valentine cookie recipes, I usually go with one of the sugar cookie recipes that I use to make my holiday cookies. These are old standbys and they work well with my favorite cream cheese icing.

If you're a fan of homemade chocolate chip cookies, make them the Valentine cookie recipes you use for your boyfriend's V-Day gift.

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