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Cute little holiday alert: Just Because Day

Pick up someone's day with flowers or plants
Pick up someone's day with flowers or plants
Sandra Perez

While all of July’s food holidays have been great, it’s nice to observe a different holiday for a change. This Sunday, August 27 is Just Because Day, Holiday Insights reports. Founded in 2005, according to Cute-Calendar, Just Because Day is your chance to do something just because you can.

Just Because Day is the day to do what you have wanted to do but haven’t found a reason to do it (or not do it). “’Just because’ activities often come from a ‘whim’ or ‘what if’ type of thought,” the source shares. Need a little help with ideas for this cute odd holiday? Below are a few.

Pay a visit to an old friend you have not seen in a while. You can also stop by a good friend’s house as a surprise, just because. Get silly and skip instead of walking to your destinations. Better yet, walk backwards.

While the above are neat ideas from the source, when I think of Just Because Day, doing nice things comes to mind. What I’m talking about is buying or making a small gift for a loved one, or stranger.

Ideas include baking or buying a treat for your significant other. Going out on a little date with your son/daughter. Hanging out with a friend and treating them to a movie or dinner. Help out a stranger in need. Smiling and saying hello to everyone you come across. Surprise co-workers with donuts or coffee.

Judy O’Neal from Origami Owl wrote to us suggesting some ideas for co-workers, “sit out a box of cards for employees to write a small note to a colleague just because.” And also, encouraging them to do something for their community and share the story in an email.

Another idea that might work in the office is for everyone to bring one small gift – it could be a silly gift. All gifts are numbered and written down in pieces of paper. Each person participating randomly picks a paper and is given the gift assigned to it.

Make “just because” your answer to all of your actions today. And be sure to share this with friends to spread the word of the holiday, just because.

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